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April 21, 2008



Mmmm, delicious ... and I had NO IDEA about all that goodness - wonderful to know ... and you've reminded me about something we used to do with mushrooms which I haven't done for a couple of years.

Thanks so much

Bellini Valli

Perfect for brekkie or anytime:D


I'm not sure I can even capture in words how much I would LOVE this! i am definitely making it next time i have leftover mushrooms -- yum! and i agree -- they're great on their own, without resorting to butter and cream!

ps -- did yours come from the greenmarket this weekend?! i got there a little late, so all they had left were button mushrooms, but they were still great! did you see the ramps too?!? it's finally spring...

Astra Libris

Three cheers for mushrooms - and for you, championing their cause! Your mushroom Bruschetta looks incredible beyond words - I cannot wait to try your scrumptious creation this weekend! (or maybe even for supper tonight, if I can't wait 'till the weekend... :-)


Ahh, a bit of an English flair to this brunch dish! Mushrooms are extremely flavorful, this is a great submission to The Heart of the Matter.


Mushrooms and an oozy egg yolk? I wholeheartedly (*groan*) approve of this one. :)


i never knew that mushrooms were so spectacularly healthy! i'll try to do as you say and skip the cream and butter next time...but no promises. :)


HOLY yum--I love oozy egg yolks. I love mushrooms. I love everything about it. Want to come live with us as our live-in chef?


I am a huge mushroom fan, and this sounds so delicious!!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I remember our first visit to a farm B&B in England, many years ago. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, toast -- and sauteed mushrooms. Ever since then I've associated mushrooms with eggs, and the wonderful memory of that farm and the time we spent there.


I can't get enough of mushrooms either. Long live Mushrooms!!!


That looks so good! I'd love it even w/o the rich egg on top! :)

Ruth E

I'm a big fan of mushrooms and I love the idea of this. Great post.


This is killing me!
It's 11:41 pm and i could devour that in two seconds.
I'm starving!


Joanna, I hope your family likes it... or at least the recipe it's reminded you of!

Bellini Valli, well, this version is uber healthy. If you want to splurge out a bit drizzle some olive oil over the toast. :-)

katy, And I am all about trying your stuffed mushrooms! We didn't get the shrooms at the Greeenmarket-- they were bough earlier in the week for another meal (farro "risotto") and I used up the left-overs on Saturday. :-)

Astra Libris, as I mentioned above, if you want to make it a little more decadent, some olive oil on the bread can't hurt!

LisaRene, thanks!

adele, my thoughts on the matter, exactly! :-)

grace, isn't it nice to realize a food you think of as "rich" is actually good for you? :-)

Cakespy, oozy egg yolks are one of life's great pleasures! But you don't want me... you want Zenchef (who wouldn't?!).

Deborah, thanks!

Lydia, ah yes, the Great English Fry-Up! Love, love, love it (but my hips do not)!

Pixie, long live mushrooms and good health!

Manggy, but it's a poached egg! It's actually good for you! :-)

Ruth E, thank you!

Zenchef, is this the cobbler's children have no shoes syndrome? :-)

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