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April 15, 2008



That looks amazing! That's a full meal in itself. Great job... I could certainly have that for breakfast right now!


love how golden the top is, looks delish! half a pie, under 400 calories? sounds like a keeper! yeah, especially because i can easily eat half a savory pie ;)


Ooh, potato crust, cheeses, tomatoes and spinach-- what's not to love? :) I think SELF magazine didn't mean for you to eat 2 servings each though, hee :) But at 192 calories, that's pretty good!

I think I have to add to make sure that the salt isn't iodized. It's not a major deal, but I made that mistake once and my taters turned black-purple-blue all over. Not pretty (even if it tasted okay). In any case, it'll be buried by the filling :)


I know that bloggers dilemma - this pie looks a delicious way of readdressing it - I can almost smell it!

Bellini Valli

Woah Ann. Love the potato crust on this pie...now this is perfection and low in calories. This is a dream come true:D


Looks like perfect hangover food!
I want!


Lovely potato crust! And very much agree with zenchef on the this being the "perfect hangover food."


Lovely potato crust! And very much agree with zenchef on the this being the "perfect hangover food."


This is my kind of cooking, lower in calorie so you can eat more :) I love the idea of a potato crust.


Love the golden crust Ann. bookmarked..:D..



What a great, original recipe. I have my doubts about how low-cal it really is--I'd use full fat cheese and eat at least two portions--but I'm sure it's delish.


This is the kind of food that always makes me happy. Anything with cheese and vegetables is a keeper for me.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

That does look yummy. And on days when I don't want to (or can't) eat the potato crust, I'd make it without -- and probably could eat the whole thing.


Ohhh...I can't wait to try this! It looks so good, I'll bet even my husband will eat it. Thanks, Ann - love your blog. xxoo


That looks divine. Love the potato crust and could definitely stand in for a number of variations.


I usually look through all of the ingredients and try to imagine eating the flavours together. This post has passed the imaginary flavour test and I'm starring it.

Sharon McBurney

I made this dinner last night and it was delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe.


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This looks delicious, spinach being one of my favourite veggies...I'm alone for the week and what would I give to have this for the week(instead of my bowl of cereal I had tonight?)


you can also use packaged hash-brown potatoes (in refridgerator section of store, not frozen) instead of sliced potatoes.

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