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April 19, 2008



Pffewww... i'm glad i don't look that blurred when i'm drunk. By the way, how did i get home? At least this very enjoyable evening confirmed a theory i long believed in: You don't go out and drink with Brits unless:

- You're out of your mind
- You're a Brit yourself
- You're a French man with masochistical tendencies

Since i meet two out the three of the requirements it only makes sense i had a hellava good time. Or was i a Brit in a past life? Mmmm.. something to ponder, as Yoda would say. Thanks for the evening!


Aww, man! Where's that photographing toddler when you need him?
That looks seriously fun. I have no idea if such things take place here. I think I'm sufficiently uncool enough not to know of their possible existence. (Maybe I should start my own.)
I hope we get to see more of the secrets of New York! Thanks for sharing this!


This is a great write-up of what sounds like a perfect event.

"A big-bodied, dirty-minded number" Too funny!! : )


Another great night of underground dinner. I'm starting to get jealous...

I'm probably about par with Manggy in terms of coolness and am not in any secret dinner loops in my city. Granted, my city is probably not big/progressive enough for something like that.


Sounds fascinating - I managed to read the menu and miss seeing the goat (my vegetarian goggles on) - which made me surprised at the mention of it - I remember a 21st birthday when there was a whole animal roasted (a lamb???) and it left me with the impression that there are people out there in the suburbs who regularly do this sort of thing for their parties.


Whole roast goat? Damn.

I think I need to join an underground dining club. :)


What a fun time!!! Wish I could have been there. Love that Zen Chef too!

Bellini Valli

As always this event is right up my alley:D

We Are Never Full

god, i'm SO intrigued. I just read about this on zenchef's blog and I've never felt so out of the loop. Thanks for schooling a fellow Brooklynite on this event. I've bookmarked the page. FUN.

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