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April 09, 2008



Crack cake!? Consider me jonesing. This one looks amazing. Nice call on adding butter. Butter makes everything better!


Crack cake - wow - I'm already addicted - they say it only takes one hit and you're done :). This is such a great submission - exactly what we were looking for.


Crack cake huh! I better be careful because I'm known to be a sugar addict. And I'm glad you used butter!


this is too weird - I posted about an oatmeal ginger cake I made this week and now this is the second spice and oatmeal cake I have seen this morning (the other is on apple and spice) - I am pleased that I am not the only one as oatmeal is such a good addition to a cake - I have a chocolate cake recipe with oatmeal in it that I must now try too!


Jack's not into sweets? Nooooo! Hee, probably better in the long run for all of us to cut back, but come on! :P I hope all the desserts he likes gets stimulant-related names, haha :)

I hope I'll be able to contribute something to the event. I've already made a few of my TTT recipes and posted about them a long time ago, so I'll need to scour my brain for something I haven't done in a while!


It's true, I'm really not a big fan of sweets and desserts, but Ann has a few creations that are just too wickedly tasty even for a savoury favourer like me to resist. This is definitely one of them.


I loved the name! its so fitting!! and the cake looks nice too:)


haha, i bet it's deliciously worthy of the name! and i'm a bit frightened of crisco, although i do have a container of it for making my favorite snickerdoodle recipe...


Fabulous! I love to see old recipes that just work. None of this fancy schmancy stuff... sometimes the tried and true faves that are ancient are just not to be messed with!


ah yes, crack cake was the epidemic of the 50s, being pushed again by those pesky blogging bakers! how lovely! i guess the oatmeal makes it a crack lite?! ;)


This cake sounds delicious with all those earthy, homey flavours - and "Lazy Daisy" is a great name for a cake!

Bellini Valli

Butter would be my way to go as well:D I can't wait to see the lineup for all these tried, tetsed and true recipes out there:D


Oooooh Ann, I love the idea os a Crack cake! Does sounds nice.Have never tried a cake with oats...bookmarked this. Will use butter like you have...yum!!


Yes, Oatmeal Cake, I know it well. Back in the day when the lunch ladies actually made the lunch instead of just reheating frozen stuff we even had this cake at my school. I still have to make it every once in a while. People are always so surprised when they find out it has oatmeal in it. It is one of those cakes you can whip up after you get home from work and take to a meeting.


This cake is so good, even without the frosting.
I've taken it lots of places since the early 60's and have always been asked for the recipe.
There is a Tomato Soup Cake that is just as surprising as this one.

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