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April 16, 2008



Mmm. That looks deliciously decadent. :)


I perfectly understand the dilemma of eating something healthy against eating something full of flavor. But it's always worth it, isn't it?


You're telling me! My pants button just popped *reading* the ingredient list! :) I've read bananas freeze well, though they will have to be mashed and brown: but they probably should end up in cake anyway :)

Ruth E

Hey! thanks for stopping by my blog... have just been browsing yours and loving it. I also have some bananas that will need used up soon so I might just make a cake like this!


ooh! looks so wonderful! and i'm totally stealing your idea for cake scraps. i never thought to use them for bread pudding before.


Wow Ann! I've just started my diet because I had the same problem with my jeans... Any idea of how many calories a piece of your beautiful cake can have? ;-)


mushy old bananas are a great excuse to make and eat caramel frosting by the finger-full (as if i needed an excuse). :)


Elastic waistbands are the way to go... I've got bananas on the counter that I'm just waiting for to turn brown so I can make something great like this!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I like the idea of a bread pudding with the leftovers -- will be watching for that recipe!


I don't fancy banana bread much til I make it and then I love it to death (if that makes any sense) - but I am hoping you blog about your banana bread puddings - sounds fantastic!


That's what I'm talking about, a tower of bananas and caramel. Yum!

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench

That's quite a majestic layer cake, I'd say your planned worked a treat ;) I wish I had some brown bananas though - whenever I buy them they're devoured by my brother, I think I'll have to resort to hiding them if I'm ever to have a chance of baking some beautiful banana cakes like yours anytime soon :(


The cake sounds delicious, but that frosting is really catching my attention!


So cute! And I love the idea of Caramel Frosting!!!


I am such a banana fan, your cake looks wonderful! I am always messing about with recipes too, can't wait to see the banana bread puddings.


Caramel, bananas and pecans make a deadly combination...in a good way that is :)


This is a stunning banana cake!! Just LOVE the Caramel Frosting!!! :D

Rosie x

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