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May 12, 2008



I've been mostly pleased with those tomatoes since they've been available. I'm not like you. I don't have tomato self-control. I'm an addict. I must have them as often as possible... It makes me wonder sometimes if I have a lycopene deficiency. Is that even possible? :-)


happy happy mother's day to you ann!!! jack and your daughter are lucky to have somebody like you in their life :-)

btw, thanks for this recipe im running out of idea on what to offer for the dinner im planning next week, this could be a good starter :-) im like you when it comes to tomatoes..i hate the tomatoes they are offering in big supermarkets more often they just look like tomatoes but they dont taste like one ..;really a waste of money..i only buy when its the organic farmer i know or im waiting for the harvest of my dad in law hahahaha..is that being parasite hehehe

Gretchen Noelle

Very cute little bites!


i'm a proud member of the farm-fresh-tomatoes-only club. i don't think the pucks they sell at grocery stores should even bear the name "tomato." meanwhile, your little bread bites look properly crispy and juicy and delicious!


Unfortunately our markets here suffer from the same malady-- it's rare that I get a truly ripe tomato. Who wants a caprese with no hint of sweetness at all? :P It would be just a waste of perfectly good (and expensive!) buffalo mozzarella. I love what you've created here :) (Maybe using cherry tomatoes on my part would be a way around the tomato-madness :)

Scotty Harris

I hope, at least, that you will take pity on those of us who don't have a greenmarket, and suffer with bad or canned tomatoes the rest of the year! however when I saw the caption "Caprese Bites", I thought you were doing a negative rant! ;-)


i love tomatoes too much to go without for an entire winter -- but i am so happy they're back to being fresh and delicious! i'm actually growing my own cherry tomato plants on my kitchen table right now -- they've just started to flower, so hopefully i will have some great tomato dishes soon!


Tomatoes are worth waiting for -- and going without -- those winter imposters are tasteless. This combo looks delicious. Can't wait to get our plants into the ground! Good tomatoes hit the stores in June/July -- but the real beauties, those from the yard take until August -- but so worth it. Hope this tasted as good as it looks!


Those caprese bites look so delicious but by reading the comments I realize how lucky we are to live in Greece where we get delicious tomatoes all year round.


My tomatoes won't be ripe until July/August - but this is going to be the first thing.

Happy Spring, Ann.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love caprese salad and this is such a neat snack idea! And I agree about the disgusting tomatoes in the supermarkets. Luckily i've found a great Armenian grocer who gets his produce locally and thanks to the great Southern California weather, I can be get lovely tomatoes nearly year-round.


Love tomatoes too - we just planted 3 different kind, with 2 to go. Planted them trench style (have you seen that?)

We Are Never Full

i'm TOTALLY w/ you on being a tomato snob. unfortunately, i can't hold out until the best ones arrive. i must eat the crappy ones all the rest of the year. BUT, i will say, it still makes me smile when i bite into my first jersey tomato (yes, for all you non east-coasters, i mean NEW FRIGGIN JERSEY... the state that has a bad rap!). mmmmmmmm... delicious. thanks for also remind everyone to rub some raw garlic on the toasted bread. best way to do it! looks fabu.


These look very refreshing. I'm not a tomato snob, per say...but I am getting tired of flavourless tomatoes.

Mozzarella di bufala sounds so much better than buffalo mozzarella.


i too am a snob and love it when proper tomatoey tomatoes reappear. having said that, a slow roasting can rescue a tomato that's not quite up to scratch.

thanks for sharing this with vegetables, beautiful vegetables ann!


This could be a Spanish tapa...MMMmmm so tasteful!!!
The best tomatoes I've ever had were the ones my father grew in his garden; picked one from the plant and direct to the mouth.... gone to heaven!!!!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

This is one of our go-to dinners in the summer, when I have fresh basil from my garden. I often add a little drizzle of the best balsamic vinegar in my pantry -- it's sweet and tangy, and really makes the dish sing!


I like that it says "bites" because that would make me feel better about eating an entire tray of them, I think. :-) They look perfect!

Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

Oh it's so true...there are few foods better than big, juicy tomatoes ripe from the vine... *Sigh* Isn't it July/August yet? (that's when our homegrown tomatoes will ripen around here.)


I love this type of appetizer- perfect for times when you have some wonderful, fresh tomatoes!


good day!! i just awarded your blog a yummy award!! congrats!!


Tomatoes are one of my favourite things to eat in the summer, I love the smell and there's nothing better than growing your own.
These little bites look really tempting, mmm... I could do with one now!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Hi Ann - nice to get acquainted! I agree with you on the tomatoes, and your Caprese bites look delightful.
I'll visit often.

Coffee and Vanilla

Very simple and delicious :)

Have a good day, Margot

Bellini Valli

A great way to get all the flavours of a Caprese salad and no knife and fork..loving it:D

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