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May 28, 2008


Gretchen Noelle

Your cake really does look lovely! Wonderful job! Hope you are enjoyed your roadtrip!


It doesn't look much like a travesty to me, your issues with the mousse notwithstanding. I look at the creations that you and my other daring baker compatriots have constructed and I'm not worthy.


I love the way you topped your cake! The piping and strawberries are very lovey and pretty on your plate, too. Now you can relax for your roadtrip!


Haven't a clue as to what you're talking about. Your cake looks beautiful. We loved this cake too.


i have been waiting for this post!! i love raspberry..;so seeing this opera adorned with it i cant help but imagine im tasting it!! yum!! great entry for this month's DB challenge ann!!


Hi Ann, looks like La Traviata to me! Lovely flavour combination and decorating touches. And that plate that it is displayed on - just gorgeous!

Bellini Valli

I love the personal touches you have added to your cake Ann. Raspberry was an excellent choice!!! Hope your still enjoying being road warriors:D


Yep, I'm impressed that you can make an opera cake on your road trip :)

It turned out beautiful! Hope you're having a great trip!


I love opera. This one looks delicious with the raspberry touch.


Great job on the cake. It looks beautiful!


I do not see a travesty here! Your cake looks and sounds wonderful. Great job!


I do not see a travesty here! Your cake looks and sounds wonderful. Great job!!


what a beautiful cake! i love the piping and raspberries, it looks like spring!


I know you said don't ask... but... how do you get white chocolate on your hair??? Hehehe. I am picturing many fun to watch and tape situations on how that happened :-p

Your cake looks amazing!


I think your cake looks great! And I thought it was too much white chocolate too.


It looks impressive to me. :)

White chocolate really is the devil to work with, though... I had a hell of a time trying to get a nice, smooth consistency when I was making white chocolate cream to go with Greenacre Cake.


Too bad about the mousse. It was my favorite part. I hope you try it again at some point.

Despite the curdling, I think it looks awesome. Very nice presentation.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

White chocolate is often too sweet for me -- but your cake looks lovely and I'd be happy to taste it and give you a second opinion (hint, hint)....


It's so beautiful! I agree with the difficulty of the white chocolate, although it still turned out fantastic for ya!


Gorgeous as always, and so organized!!!!


Ann, I chuckled when I saw 'dog regurgitated' :) But the white chocolate really makes the perfect marriage with your rasberries! Beautiful!


Even if you had some setbacks, your cake looks gorgeous! (I peeled off the ganache layer, too!)

Raspberry cordial reminds me of Anne of Green Gables. :)


Oh your cake is so pretty in pink! Excellent job!


Your cake turned out perfect! No travesty there! Sorry to hear about the mousse but I love the use of the liqueur in the whole shabang!


Looks wonderful Ann and I hope you are having a super time travelling!

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