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May 05, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Such beautiful bounty from the farmers market! I love taking the fat asparagus and throwing them on the grill, then tossing in olive oil, sea salt and pepper. I never bother with a knife and fork -- I just eat them like candy!


Oh, Thanks you so much! We are honoured and it is really very inspiring to receive this award for the HoTM! Thanks again!


for some reason, i like fingerling potatoes better than regular-sized ones. i also prefer mini cupcakes and muffins. perhaps it's because i can eat 'em like candy and not feel so guilty. :)


OOOOOOH! Aren't you awesome! Thanks for the honor! I was gobsmacked by the greenmarket this week too. So fabulous to actually see vegetables again! By the way, I made pasta con vongole last night because of you! Thanks so much for the great idea. It's my favorite dinner ever!


oh i love everything on this plate; the asparagus, the mini-radish and salad...yummmy!! congrats on your E award you truly deserved it dear :-)


Congrats on the award Ann. well deserved! And you got me with your post title... fresh, simple, delicious... spring is definitely in the air!


Even before I read the text, I knew someone had been to the farmers market. Lovely bumper crop of goodies, Ann. And well done on the E!


I decided to take a break from reviewing for Civ Pro by making the rounds of my food blog links... your nomination came as a lovely, unexpected surprise. Thank you!

And roasted baby potatoes and fresh asparagus? Yum. :)

Astra Libris

Your dinner is complete perfection! I cannot think of a more ideal spring supper! Gorgeous! Congratulations on the very well deserved award!


Congrats on the awards and thanks for introducing the rest of us to such wonderful bloggers!


Those little spuds remind me of the ones we had at Studiofeast. Of course you remember! :-)


Ann and Jack, Thanks so much! I just saw this as I have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks trying to get things with my job settled in. And congratulations on your own nomination!!

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