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May 07, 2008


Susan from Food Blogga

Fewer calories and twice the calcium? Well, bring on the goat cheese! This terrine would indeed make a lovely dish for a party, especially since it can be made ahead. Then I could just await the "wows!" from my guests. :) Thank you so much, Ann.



Basil, red peppers, tapenade, and goat's cheese? I don't think that terrine would last long enough in my kitchen to see any guests... :P

Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

This looks stunning AND delicious. Served with good bread (as you mentioned) and a crisp white wine, it would make the perfect appetizer to casual weekend dinner with family and friends, as well as a wonderful treat to welcome guests at a bed & breakfast inn.


I actually just tried chevre for the first time yesterday. This looks so delicious!


I got my comment correct this time! lol

The terrine looks lovely and I too will play with technique soon.


i love goat cheese! i'd pick it over almost any cow cheese, except really good blue cheese and parmesan. do you ever go to lynnhaven at the union square greenmarket? i *love* her goat cheese logs and she's super nice!


that's so purdy! it'd be a hit at any party or any meal any day! grace is impressed (apparently so much that she's now referring to herself in the third person...).

lovely! :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Beautiful! I just found a container of last summer's pesto in my freezer, and some goat cheese (did you know you can freeze goat cheese? I just learned that.) in there, too. I think the universe is telling me to make this terrine.


I'm SO sold on this! I adore goat's cheese. This looks like a great event, I'll definitly have a look at it.
And I gave you and Jack an award...you can see it on my latest post..I always have fun here with intersting and delicious recipes!


Oh wow... calcium enriched uh? Don't need to twist my arm for this one. Gorgeous!

Bellini Valli

I love this terrine Ann. What a special treat to offer to guests. By the way I have given you and Jack an award. Come on over if you would care to:D


That sounds wonderful, I love goats cheese!

Gretchen Noelle

What a fun appetizer!

Scotty Harris

But, where's the Beef? Sorry - couldn't resist!


I love, love, LOVE goat cheese. In fact, there are two different kinds sitting in my refrigerator as I write! Great recipe for guests!


Wow, so easy! And we completely adore anything w/ goat cheese. Definitely bookmarked!


Ann, this looks absolutely decadent!! I'm not a huge fan of cold food but I know I would just gobble this in an instant :)


Sorry I didn't even get to tell you about your award before you saw it.


All kinds of wonderful savory flavors, and easy to boot!

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