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May 09, 2008



Back when I was starting out (uh... a year ago) and I couldn't yet tell that a recipe was going to flunk just by looking at it, I tried a soup from Everyday Food that didn't turn out so well, and ever since, I haven't touched the 2 issues I bought. (But the pictures did look v. nice.) I'm glad this recipe worked out for you! It certainly looks very Spring-y :) (I'm just beginning to understand, as a Filipino, what that means food-wise, haha) Maybe I should crack the magazines open one more time for the blog event :)


this looks yummy! this is similar to a jamie oliver recipe that was shown recently on food network, except his uses a loose mashed potato as filling, and swapped phyllo for puff pastry.

http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,1977,FOOD_9936_155082,00.html">recipe here

i bookmarked his recipe to try sometime soon, but i might just opt for this one. it looks very delicious.


Oh damn that would be good with a poached egg on top of it!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Ann, I'm so glad you found this -- it's become one of my favorite recipes to make during asparagus season (which is right now!), and one of my all-time favorite Martha Stewart recipes.


i also made this a while back and it was sooo yummy! if i wasn't already tired of asparagus and yet more asparagus i'd be tempted to have it again!

Sandie (Inn Cuisine)

As Lydia's blogdaughter, I'm embarrassed to admit I've not seen this recipe while cruising her archives, and oh how I love asparagus. Whoever mentioned a poached egg on top, I am so with you!!

I am making this THIS weekend. Thanks for sharing (now...off to The Perfect Pantry to see what other to-die-for recipes I've missed...)


I have seen a few asparagus tarts that I have bookmarked. This one sounds fantastic!


Oh, this just looks delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my roasted garlic.


things that excite me more than they should: symmetry, smelly urine, and anything involving puff pastry. check, check, and check. :)


asparagus - check
pastry - check
cheeses - hmmm...ricotta - nope, won't work, mozarella - won't have as much flavour - goat's cheese - maybe
I'll let you know how it all works out

Ruth E

Hi Ann!
I love coming across new exciting recipes that I have all the ingredients for there and then! Means you just have to make it that much sooner! Thanks for entering this into Bookmarked Recipes! Hope you can join in again sometime.


Ann, I've seen quite a few of these asparagus tarts, flat breads, etc . in food magazines for this month. I think asparagus is getting it's deserved spotlight. I must jump in too!


I'm leaving your delicious site hungry ... mind if I link to 'food haunts' on mine? I am a cook/gardener with macro-photographs of flowers combined with seasonal food (focus on herbs and edible flowers).


I just love this recipe. SO simple and delicious!


oh ann you just gave me an idea of what to do with the left-over tart dough sitting on my fridge for days now. Love the idea of gruyere and asparagus!! im drooling just imagining the taste!!the only hard part now is getting the fresh asparagus in the market :-)


Any asparagus-cheese recipe works for me, but using pastry puff in the same recipe really makes it a winner :)

Bellini Valli

I did see this Spring tart over at Lydia's. I had better give it a try with both of your recommendations:D


Mmm. I'm waiting for local asparagus ... the price went back up and I miss my favorite spring vegetable!


Yum!!! I have to make this - the asparagus at the greenmarket is so amazing right now, and this looks just perfect. And of course you've made it lovely and artful with your alternating spears framed by the puff pastry...just gorgeous. Thanks for the recipe!


I have been seeing a lot of pizza lately... so tempting! I need to try this next time I go amping!

feeding maybelle

Yum, this is so pretty--would be great for a brunch.


Oh, how adorable! And certainly delicious, I imagine. :)


This DOES really look delicious and what a delight to look at!

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