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June 29, 2008



Your braid is really beautiful and rhubarb/orange marmalade sounds heavenly. I like the glaze on the top - it gives it such a nice polished look. And, you're right, the smell when it's baking is other worldly. It was fun this month.


I also bet on rhubarb, it is heaven, isn't it? Your braid looks delicious, well done!


beautiful ann! good thing you missed the heat wave!!!


Mouth-waterin indeed!

Sass E-mum

THAT - is the braid I imagined making. Mine didn't turn out quite like that - and I'm astonished how you've even iced it as I wanted to.


Aaww..look so fresh and soft..yummy :)


Your braid looks so good!!! I bet that filling was incredible!


Yours is very impressive; very beautiful! Thank you for your very, very kind comment on my blog ... I HAVE to go back and try this again. After viewing all others, I see a few places where I went wrong. I need to work on presentation!


Your braid looks delicious. I'm with you--I wish I still had some dough stashed in my freezer. Guess I'll just have to make more. =)


Lovely. thanks for the reminder of the orange rhubarb marmalade. i wanted to try it when I saw it before but had already hacked down my plants for pies, now they are big enough to go again. I make a rhubarb apricot, that I really like so this sounds quite good as well. Gotta try it!

Susan/Wild Yeast

Orange-rhubarb marmalade, how fabulous! And it looks so pretty with the drizzle of glaze.

Amy P

Your braids are beautiful. So perfect!


Fabulous braid and pics! The filling sounds to die for!


ya done good, ann. it took me a long time to learn to braid my own hair, so my next endeavor--braiding bread. :)


Beautiful job on your braid. It looks incredible!


Rhubarb is something I've only read about. Don't get it here, but sounds interesting.
I didn't drizzle mine with glaze as I was worried it would turn out too sweet. But your braid looks really tempting.


Yowza! That is just fantastic, Ann. And such a highly recommended dough too, coming from you! Maybe I'll give it a shot someday, if the tropical air doesn't turn it into mush.
Lovely pics too.


your filling sounds great. I will be making this again for sure.


That is a beautifully decorated braid - artful!


How gorgeous does that look? Stunning!

Molly W

Your braids look perfect, and I really like the rhubarb-marmalade idea.


Amazing choice of filling! And the braids look simply gorgeous :)


YOurs looks great as well!!! Didnt your house smell Lovely???!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Come back anytime!!!


Another beautiful braid tempting me with it's Rhubarby goodness. I really need to find a supplier of quality rhubarb. I had not thought of pairing it with orange though.

Mom Quixote

Oh I wanted to try rhubarb, too: maybe next time around.

Your braid looks delicious. I love the drizzle!

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