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June 27, 2008



yum! looks really good!

i still have a lot of produce from last saturday's csa share. i'm going to have to make a big stirfry tonight or something before going to pick up the next one tomorrow.


Oh now I am hungry again and I just had my so called lunch...what will I do?!! Despair!!!


Now that looks interesting. But I guess I'd have the egg or the lamb, the two together is a little too much protein for me. But still sounds great ;)


Ooh, excellent presentation, very Michelin-starred ;) I am one of those deathly afraid of cilantro though, haha! :)

Bellini Valli

Will I eat it on a boat, will I eat it with a goat, will I eat it here or there will I eat it anywhere. I will, I will eat it Sam I am:D

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

What wonderful bits and pieces you have left in your fridge! Love how you have combined them.

Bonbon Oiseau

i know what i'm picking up at the farmer's market tomorrow! great post!


Huh, how could I possibly not like them? And what a great choice with new potatoes as a side. Am I strange for noticing them first?


a glorious mess indeed! as an ardent cilantro-lover, i'm particularly fond of the charmoula. nicely done!


Which magazine used to do that "Why Don't You...?" feature? Like "why don't you wear a hot pink miniskirt... To CHURCH!" or "why don't you... take a naughty picture of yourself and... put it in your husbands briefcase!" or "why don't you... turn the lights off and serve a simple, sexy Middle Eastern dinner... and eat with your HANDS!"

This would be the perfect meal for that. And given my examples, I'm thinking it was Cosmo in the HGB days that had that feature... Regardless of who it was, this sounds awesome and would be a good "Why Don't You..?" feature in any mag!


Wow... that sounds great! And it looks amazing too... I love lamb... but I don't know if I could do without the typical mint sauce as well!

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