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June 18, 2008



Yeah, I'd say that two hours on high sounds like a really, really long time! Do you stir it at all during the cooking? I'm curious how, as Jamie Oliver puts it, you're able to massage the starches out of the grains to make it creamy and oozy. Still I can't argue with the picture :) Looks yummy!


Ann, it looks like the traditional risotto! Here's an idea, use or get one of grills with the side burner for stove top cooking..outdoors! I use mine for frying in the summer or...a risotto!


It sure does look good! I love the idea, as I am usually too busy and rushing around to make a proper risotto. I'll have to give this a try!


I am so gonna use this. I actually froze some ramps and will use those as well. Thank you!


Manggy, I should have mentioned in the post that I did stir it occasionally... and even added more liquid at one point. It really did have a close to perfect texture at the 1 1/2 hour mark!

Peter It really was much better than I would have thought! I've been eyeing those grills... along with an ice cream maker, too. But I'm afraid the only space left for appliances is the floor at this point!

Deborah, do try it! Just check it now and again and serve it as soon as it seems "right" to you. The two hours was way too long for my slow cooker (probably varies by brand).

melissa, let me know how it turns out!


i'm in heaven during asparagus season...


I love risotto - I do not have a slow cooker but have been meaning to try baked risotto for quite sometime now. Grand idea!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Love the idea of using my slow cooker instead of the stove or oven this summer. Lora Brody's book about slow cooker cooking has some great ideas.


well hot diggity dog! this is brilliant and i'm thrilled that you've brought it to my attention! i'm much too impatient to make risotto on the stove...plus, i get easily distracted and it rarely turns out right. :)


Aran, who isn't?! :-)

Meeta, Ooh... baked risotto? Let me know how it turns out!

Lydia, Brody has a lot of great ideas... including my all time favorite for making vast quantities of caramelized onions.

grace, I hope you try it and eat it, and eat it good! :-)

Patricia Scarpin

I haven't had asparagus risotto in ages, Ann! This looks so delicious!


oh this is so amazing Ann :-) risotto cooked that way...delicious!


i just finished having this for dinner. it took the whole two hours for me (in a 3.5 qt oval rival slow cooker, for the curious). it was out delicious!

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