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June 12, 2008



Wow, that's some amazing temperature variability (range of 32°F all in one day?). It must be the low humidity-- not a lot of water vapor that can contain the heat. Even for me, 96°F is irritatingly hot-- but at least we're used to it :) Not a lot of change cooking-wise with the heatwave on, but we tend to move a lot less and take more naps, haha! Also, our house is built anticipating the high temperature-- lots of ventilation.
The parfaits (fools? Hmm, what say you, Jack?) look great! An excellent way to evade excessive heat production :)


Oh then the HotM theme for June is perfect for you, salads in all forms! We're having the the worst spring (yes still 10 days to go before summer is declared here) in 200 yrs here, incredibly boring...


That's actuallly some good improvisation in the heat. I ended up eating cereal for dinner a few days in a row.


Chilly parfaits sound like a great way to cool it off! Are you getting all of that hot, sticky weather out of the way before we head back there on vacation in a couple of weeks???

I have an easy crockpot recipe on my blog today... crockpots don't really heat up the house so that may be an idea for you!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I was thinking the same thing -- time to get out the slow cooker again. I can't bear to turn on the oven in this weather!


Totally perfect. A cook has to be a genius to put food on the table and that means taking into account situations like hot and HOT!


Your parfait is perfect for hot temperatures.

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

Great job to shifting your energies and ingredients to make a cold dish.


parfaits. what a perfect treat for this ridiculously oppressive weather. cool, sweet, and crunchy--i may never need my oven again. :)


Sorry to hear about the heatwave! I know how it is to cook with high temperatures!!! This year, we are being so lucky that I can not believe it :D. For more than a month it's been raining nearly every day and our temperatures are on a soft level... great!

Your parfaits look soooooo good :D Great recipe for hot summer days!


i love the sound of rhubarb parfait with gingersnap crumbs on the top!! love love it!! in France we are still kinda waiting for the hot weather to come..it been raining a lot lately..luckily today we have a sun..though the heat is still bearable. good luck to you ann :-)


You've just made me seriously reconsider my microwave ban. I never thought about the fact that they can be used for cooking things on hot days. I know this is like a "oh, drrrrrr Ann!" sort of revelation... but seriously, I just never thought of that!! Pretty parfaits, and glad you made it through safely too!


I could seriously live on this all summer and throw in a few salads to go with it. I can't even imagine coming home to a hot apartment in a 6 storey walk up. I just spoke to friends in NY and they say they're dieing. Sympathies.


Crazy heat, right? Luckily I just got a brand new AC unit at work, the old one was no good. Now it's almost too cold in my kitchen. Hehe. I know, I'm a pain in the ass.
Zee parfait looks perfect to me, I love rhubarb. Nicely done Madame.


Phew H-O-T it does sound Ann, just like it is here. We're absolutely baking too with no central airconditioning etc. This parfait sounds SO COOL...great for the weather! YUM!!

Bellini Valli

The toaster oven comes in very handy on these sweltering hot days as does the gas barbecue with side burner. I can even bake cakes in my BBQ if I so desire...it would just take a little practice and I don't make sweets often enough:D

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Very summery! I like the casual presentation and the sour cream component.


Oooh, this looks good. I saw rhubarb at the market today, and I was sorely tempted. Maybe I'll pick some up next weekend.


Great idea for that unbearable and insane hotness. Ugh (to the heat). This sounds incredibly refreshing. More unique than the usual parfait recipes, as well.

Ruth E

these sound like a great tasty treat, perfect for your hot weather.


Wow those parfaits look amazing - makes me think maybe this is how I should use up the yoghurt and cream that always manages to hang around the fridge feeling useless!

And commiserations on the weather - I know it but gladly am not experiencing it at the moment - in this weather I like salads, vegie burgers and chilli non carnes! I am lucky enough to have an air conditioner if I really need to oven on - but it always seems a great indulgence

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