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June 06, 2008



this kama mousse sounds very interesting, but for now, i think i'll stick with more simple pleasures. like strawberry ice cream. or your strawberries with marsala and mascarpone. (mascarpone = love)


Gosh, a blogger potluck!! That sounds like so much fun, I hope there's an album out there, sort of a "Blogging High Society" page, heh heh :)
I have a strawberry dessert in the works too, how's that for being in sync? I love mascarpone in everything! Too bad it's so expensive here :(


Lucky you to get to have an evening with Pille!
Love both the strawberry ideas. I take it the Kama is not available in this country?

Bellini Valli

It sounds like such a fun event...and the addition of anything with strawberries made it even better:D


Intriguing. I've eaten Indian desserts made with chickpea flour - does kama have a similar texture?

I haven't seen strawberries yet at the Copley Square market... I may have to try some of the other farmers' markets in Boston.


i have never heard of kama either... will check her blog. those strawberries are sooo juicy looking... they don't need much!


Macerated strawberries and mascarpone? Love this time of year!


You had me at marsala. Plus strawberries? Yummm.


oh i love the sound of this NYC Bloggers Potluck!! too bad im too far geographically..good thing though i can enjoy this kama :-) have a great day ann!!


I thought I was the ambassador of Kama-sutra! When did I get ousted!? Anyway, I never heard of that stuff. I'm intrigued. And that mascarpone topping is so very me, I can eat that whole thing with a spoon. Yum!


Both of those sound delicious. I adore strawberries almost as much as garden tomatoes. You just had to say that there hadn't been much warm weather ... didn't you .... argh.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

There is a strawberry stand close to my house that I keep driving by, you inspired me to stop there after all this time.


I'm in love with the Marsala idea. I have some, so I just need to get strawberries this weekend. And some mascarpone. *Drool*


Had to come back to this post after what you said on my Marsala entry - I did end up making the Marsala version of these strawberries, with the mascarpone and cream... WONDERFUL! I didn't take a picture though, so I can't post about it. I have no idea why. Hmph.

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