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June 25, 2008



Now that's an event I would so like to join! Your savoury pancakes look so springy, love them!


Would you believe I've never even heard of pajeon?! I'm pathetic! I need to learn more about my Asian brothers, hahaha. They look really wholesome, I've been excited to see your fish-cakes since Jack mentioned them :)

Y.. You don't like pancakes?! Noooooooo!!! To have them thick, puffy, underdone in the middle, with a smooth golden surface with minute ridges like a vinyl record?! And the maple syrup filling every lacuna in the sweet, eggy foam?! Absolute joy for me!!


Hey Ann! We don't have this tradition here... it's so American! First time I heard this word was in a Woody Allen's film! They look like crepes to me or tortillas... I bet they are simply delicious :D


I've never had these before, but I see that changing in my future. They sound fantastic!


Ann, I'm seeing more & more savory pancakes or whatever each ethnicity calls them. One unifying adjective...yum!

Bonbon Oiseau

mmm. so good. i may have to try this recipe tomorrow (or go to Koreatown tonight and eat some...)


Mmm. These look delicious.

How did I miss hearing about this event? It sounds like a great excuse to make zucchini pancakes (not as odd as they sound.)


That's it! I just walked in the door with a huge handful of chives from my mother's garden. What to do with them, what to do...Thanks, Ann, for deciding our supper and for joining in the event.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I love scallion pancakes, but this stuffed version looks even better -- and they are easier to form than the coiled-and-rolled Chinese pancakes. These would be great fun for a dinner party.

We Are Never Full

one of our favorites to order at our fave Korean restaurants. love this recipe!!! i'd take a savory pancake over asweet one any day!


i've had a recipe for these pancakes on hold for the longest time! these pictures make me itch to get in the kitchen now even though it's almost 11 PM. nice blog!


flatten something and call it a pancake, and i'll eat it. :) this particular version looks delicate and tasty--nice contribution. :)


Right, I can not eat pancakes with sugar syrup in the morning or I feel like ... all day, and I'll bite your head off if you try to talk to me.
These are my kind of pancakes! Must try them soon!


these pancakes look awesome!
i've always loved pancakes (the sweet type, i mean), but they might just have a competitor now! :)


those look obscenely good -- and super light and colorful! i want one for breakfast. :-)


I have been meaning to make these little pancakes, maybe now is the time. Those look wonderful.


I love savory pancakes and have made them with scallions and sweet potatoes and radishes, but never with something as bold as fish. These sound great... as good at any seafood pancake I've had at Korean restaurants.


I have been meaning to try making these for ages but I think your write up mede me hungry enough to do so tomorrow! They look and sound wonderful!


Mmmm these sound incredible Ann. I will have to give them a try:D I love pancakes of all kinds:D


Oh yeah, these are pancakes that I love. Killer.

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

these are wonderful, as are the picts.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Great-looking pancakes! I love savoury pancakes and the dipping sauce looks killer.

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