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June 17, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Here I was thinking you can never have too much salad... but salad for breakfast? Maybe not! The combination of lamb, tzatziki, olives, tomatoes and mint is one of my all-time favorites. I scored some Kirby cukes from the farmers' market last week, and served them in a salad with grilled garlicky chicken, and farmers' market tomatoes (organic, greenhouse grown) and lettuce. Next time I'll grill some lamb and try that.


Oooh, I love this sharing business Ann. How absolutely wonderful; am quite envious of you! Must have been fun meeting up with Jessie of Cakespy. Great lamb & yummy salad...BTW, love the disclaimer as well!! Cheers


maybe it is the fact that i am half greek and therefore totally biased, but this looks like the best dish ever!


Ha, I know what you mean about CSA boxes... ;) Fortunately we have an option on ours to specify what we never want to receive, and to make some substitutions... there's only so many leafy greens we can take in a week!

This looks delicious, btw.


Heyyy!!! Gorgeous pics! (something I forgot to mention in the last post as well!) New cam? Or getting the hang of Jack's?

I'm not Greek, so I say, let's forget tradition because you can't argue with deliciousness!


Lydia, well, it was a small salad with strawberries to go with the baked eggs, so not too crazy! I love salads with meat on them-- your grilled chicken sounds lovely.

Deeba, It's always great to see Jessie-- she's a peach!

katy, I like the way you think. :-)

Chris, I weep to think of the amount of lettuce I still have in the crisper...

Manggy, Thank you for noticing! I did replace my lost point and shoot (which wasn't up to the job anyway) with a brand spanking new camera. I'm just loving it to death! I have a long way to go before I get anywhere near your level, but at least now I have the right equipment!


Brilliant Ann, I love this salad! thanks a lot, it is perfect!


The lamb marinade is straight up, a fine blend. The Tzatziki...well, a traditional one uses strained yogurt, to which you can achieve overnight with the yogurt in the fridge in a mesh strainer.


I'm a huge fan of anything lamb... but I don't think I've put it in salad. Sounds terrific. How fun to see Jessie of Cakespy!


I like the idea of having the lamb in the salad! It looks cool and refreshing... I'm all for salads now :D


i certainly won't hold the use of lettuce against you. tzatziki covers a multitude of sins. :)


Ilva, so glad you like it!

Peter, I should have been more clear in my post-- what I refer to as Greek-style yogurt is, in the States, strained yogurt. Next time I will make sure to mention that and to advise straining for anyone unable to get the Greek-style.

RecipeGirl, lamb is salad is lovely... but not something I had ever had before either. Meeting Cakespy is always a pleasure. :-)

I like the idea of having the lamb in the salad! It looks cool and refreshing... I'm all for salads now :D

núria, I love salad, but I'm turning a little green... :-)

grace, you said it, sister!


Ooooh, lovely photos of a great salad!

Susan from Food Blogga

You have captured the flavors of the Mediterranean perfectly in this salad.

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