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June 09, 2008



Look oh so pretty and it reminds me I haven't cooked with rhubarb yet this year. The recipe is for 6 jars, when and where should I pick up mine? .. Ok, just kidding'! :-)


this looks amazing! I keep meaning to make jam and every time I see bloggers nonchalantly spreading their home made preserves on toast like this I am once more resolved - esp with such a great combination


I was going to write "great minds think alike!" but I think "great minds are similarly inspired by greenmarket rhubarb" is more like it!

This looks wonderful! I am definitely actually canning my next batch -- where do you buy your jars?

Also, how was the potluck!?!


Yeah, Susan is such a tease! Hahaha :) I didn't know good produce was so sporadic even in your parts-- metropolitan as it is. That's kinda disappointing. :( Anyway, your marmalade looks really good, and I love the color-- a temperate part of the country (5 hours away from here) grows and sells rhubarb jam, but it is a scary mauve color and we've never had it before O_o

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

I'm half tempted to stop reading blogs from California until we have our own produce in the farmers markets -- but only half tempted! This marmalade looks delicious, just the kind of thing you'd love to bring as a hostess gift for brunch.


Mmm, this sounds good. I have never tried that combo--rhubarb and orange! But of course, now that I see it, it seems like a match made in heaven. The slight bitterness against an oaty bread...sublime!

Susan from Food Blogga

Yay! Rhubarb at the farmers' market! (I think I'm as excited for you as you are, Ann.):)

I have been making a strawberr-rhubarb sauce with orange zest which I love, so I've got to try this marmalade. I have 2 or 3 stalks that are getting a bit old, so they'd perfect to use up. Thanks, my dear! :)


Lovely, lovely. Such beautiful golden amber color. Rhubarb is one of my most favorites! It looks so good on that bread!

Bellini Valli

Perfect for those quick or unhurried breakfasts. Perfect anytime!!


Your rhubarb marmelalade looks delicious anne! I've never had something alike before...would love to try it.


to tell ya the truth, i'm sick to death of seeing strawberry rhubarb this and rhubarb strawberry that. rhubarb and orange is ridiculously refreshing--looks great!


Delicious looking marmalade. I've not tried rhubarb like this before.


this is really nice Ann... I love making jams too.


We don't really get rhubarb around here. Interesting fruit. I'll try and find a bottle of preserve since yours looks so good.


oh my goodness, this is soooo delicious!!


got it, thanks. and now I have a plan for my Sunday afternoon.

the rest of your blog looks delicious as well


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