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June 01, 2008



You must have one very cool mom :)
Love her cook books!! and the skirt steak!!


I always love it when you guys describe sh*te food. Mr. 3-Star Chef himself would be so proud! Sorry the experience didn't live up to the hype.

I don't think a flank steak cut is done around here without a special request! It looks really good, and we're not even in the habit of eating rare beef :)


I came upon your blog through The Perfect Pantry and I have to say I love your photographs. What a unique eye you have.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Any mom who has a cookbook library AND makes a mean flank steak is one great mom! It's such fun to follow your road trip.


What is the Thing?? I know you'll tell me ;)

Everytime I see that cookbook library I just can't help smiling... it really is something!


It's tough to be a foodie and feel like you got ripped off in a restaurant - you'll always be the worst critic in the place.
Love your mom's recipe and I thought I had cookbooks - don't even hold a candle to your mom.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

I like MaryAnne's topping for the flank steak.
That is so cute to publish the recipe card.


Amazing flank steak. I love recipes like that - always the best ones.


sounds like you are having interesting times - love the landscape photo and am inspired by all those cookbooks - and I bet you really enjoyed a homecooked meal after being on the road!


I had a very similar experience in Sedona, actually. On two separate nights, no less! The restaurants we chose were well lauded, and the menus sounded encouraging. One ended up making the mistake of throwing every flavor at me (beef tips with wasabi something and pomegranate parmesan something else, all together, on skewers). Everything was heavy handed and the staff constantly talked down to us. The next night, at an italian place (Dahl and Diluca) bad turned to worse as our waitress got our order wrong 3 times, served me ragged falling-apart over-cooked pasta, brought my husband the beer he ordered with dinner right after dessert, and then messed up on the bill, charging us an extra $20. When we finally expressed our frustration she wouldn't provide an apology and barely saw fit to correct our bill. I've never though of myself as an obnoxious snob at a restaurant, but how can you help it!

Beautiful place, Sedona, but pack your meals!

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