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June 11, 2008



Breaking News: It is being rumored that the new iPhone will be flown in on pigs!

Best of luck with the painting.


Eek! I know all about procrastination. I cringe each time something reminds me of the things I have to do. Looking at my email (usually from my med school) is a truly harrowing experience, lol :)

ilva Beretta

Oh don't I know all about that... the funny thing is that my brother's wife thinks that I am really a fast mover so to speak but then she's used to my brother and he beats you and me put together!


So funny. When I painted my kitchen from a golden yellow to tagine red, I underestimated just how many coats it would take to properly cover and saturate to the correct hue. Four coats and months later, it was done. I love it, but never again. We're hiring painters next time.

Love the soft sage, a soothing background for the dark woods.


"Like when the weather cools off and pigs fly."



don't worry you are not alone Ann on this "later maladie" :-) i think my case is even on stage 4 cause sometimes I have even forgotten what was this thing I needed to do supposedly "ASAP" due to my procrastrination habbit :-)

well goodluck on your painting job!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Ann, I'm waiting with open arms, so to speak!


You may beat me, yet. I have the first coat of paint on the walls, but then there's that blasted second coat, not to mention the trim on 4 windows and 4 doors and ALL the cabinets. And a radiator cover. This sucks. I'm officially demoralized.

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