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June 15, 2008



...and I declare it a hit!


A hit he says. I'd say he one really lucky Jack.
Beautiful eggs, glorious salad! In the last few years I'm always looking to put some fruit into a salad.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

If this is your typical Sunday breakfast, I'm moving in with you! Aren't the farm strawberries wonderful this week? I just bought some yesterday at the farmers market, and made a salad with the last of the season's asparagus, strawberries, cucumber and red leaf lettuce, all from the market. Lovely!


Absolutely gorgeous looking eggs.


Jack: you better! It was literally waiting for you when you returned from the gym! Hahaha :) I certainly would be very lucky to come home from the gym to such a healthy and hearty breakfast! (too bad I'm the one who has to cook it... sigh)
My family never has those individual-needs issues. I just flash them a look that says, "you're eating my masterpiece or opening a can of corned beef." Haha, half-kidding :)

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

oh, my husband loves baked eggs, but I never would have thought of the bread. thanks.


I am always looking for new egg dishes - I think I might have this for dinner sometime this week.


i'm on a business trip today and i just got back from my breakfast at bob evans. it pales in comparison to this (and was way over-priced)--nicely done!


I will definitely cook this for my hubby, he is crazy about baked eggs too. you see we haven't celebrated tet father's dat at home, for the gifts i ordered for him just arrived today, im thinking of surprising him with a breakfast on the bed with this menu tomorrow..i'm sure it will be a HIT!! :-)

btw, im personally inviting you ANN to try recipe muncher..i would really love to see your recipes there..and i know you love me so you will help me spread the word :-) have a great day!!


It sounds like Jack and Sophie loved it. I think it is also wonderful that your husband supports you in your blogging efforts:D

Patricia Scarpin

I wish I could have such a beautiful and colorful breakfast!


Great recipe! It is always nice to have something different for breakfast.


That is so creative! and looks delicious!


I have to say, this was an awesome meal to have after having spent a couple hours at the gym!

How lucky am I to have a mom who makes amazing brunches?!


oh ann.... that looks delicious! and let me ask you something... is this a new camera? the photos and the lighting are beautiful...


Jack, very wise of you! :-)

MyKitchenInHalfCups, I'm enjoying the need to be innovative through sheer desperation-- the berries and the greens needed to get used in a hurry!

Lydia, the berries are incredible right now... and your salad sounds delicious!

cookinpanda, thanks!

Manggy, there is nothing better for a cook than an appreciative audience. Fortunately Jack is always appreciative. :-)

maybelles mom, do try it! It got nice and crispy on the bottom-- not soggy at all!

adele, you'll love it. :-)

grace, you're very kind. :-)

dhanggit, let me know how it turns out... I'm a total convert to this method. And thank you so much for the invitation, too!

B, they did love it... and it's nice to have a partner like Jack. :-)

Patricia Scarpin, well you can! Try this recipe!

Foodaholic thank you!

chantix, thanks!

Sophie, thank you dear Sophie. How lucky am I to have a daughter who appreciates my cooking?! :-)

Aran, coming from you, that is a very great compliment. And thank you for noticing... I did, in fact, buy a new camera and I am absolutely loving it!


Ever since Canada went metric, I'm now losing kilos instead of pounds - I'd say the pounds are easier. The eggs look amazing. I saw a recipe today with eggs cracked over a tray of what looked like a spanikopita mixture and then baked in the ovoen - I have to find that recipe.

Your version is a total winner - I'd make them in a heartbeat.


I would definitely break open the oven for some of these eggs! Delicious!


This is a really great and creative recipe :); I think it's so neat how you've included so many different food groups in here :D.


This is a beauty and i like the spices you use in it. Very creative!
I would love a 'big stonking breakfast' like this one everyday!

We Are Never Full

now this is a creative and unique method! gotta remember this one!

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