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June 23, 2008



This looks SOOOO good! Really, I'm drooling.
The photos are beautiful, and the biscuits look perfect to me.


I know this!!! I saw it originally on Nicole's site. You both have just the most seductive pictures of biscuits (scones? lol) and strawberry shortcakes I've seen. Check out that recipe-- it's virtually sugar-free! Fantastic. But this isn't the time to talk of health and calories, right? ;)

:( You're not a fan of the spongecake type!! :( Kidding!


These look exceptional.

I have to find a friend with a car so that I can go berry-picking. Maybe I'll use the promise of shortcake as a bribe. :)

Patricia Scarpin

those strawberries are the reddest I have ever seen, Ann!
What a fresh, simple yet delicious recipe.

Bonbon Oiseau

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog--love yours as well--beautiful recipe--my very favorite summer dessert!

Bellini Valli

I am making strawberry shortcake tomorrow for our mother/daughter dinner and a movie. I am in the cake camp though being a Canadian...I hope we can still be friends...wink....


My favorite summer dessert! I also require biscuits. :-)


Thos strawberries are totally gorgeous and scream "local". Ours are just coming into the markets and I just can't wait. The shortbread looks amazing.


Can't taste the real thing, but the visual version is close. I cooked up some of the Nicole's pancakes and they were great.


this is my perfect dessert. fresh berries, sweet cream, and soft-yet-spongy-enough-to-suck-up-all-those-strawberry-juices biscuits. yum.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Do you think some people are born with the biscuit-making gene? I certainly was not, and my biscuits often resemble hockey pucks. I keep trying, though -- and I also have strawberries from the farmers' market in the fridge, so I think it's time to try again.


Sophie, they were pretty tasty!

Manggy, I'm not saying I won't eat berries with spongecake... I'm just saying it's not strawberry shortcake without biscuits. :-)

adele, sounds like a fair trade to me!

Patricia Scarpin, they were very red, weren't they? Sometimes simple is best!

Bonbon Oiseau, it's a classic!

Bellini Valli, we'll always be friends. :-)

Karyn, a woman of taste and discernment, you are!

giz, I look forward to seeing what you'll do with your local berries.

Aparna, Nicole has some really terrific recipes!

grace, juice absorption is definiteyl a key factor in a good shortcake!

Lydia, I think it's like pie crust... if you do it often enough you get good at it. But it's not something you can make now and again with expectations of perfection. I don't make biscuits enough, clearly. :-)


hmmm... i love shortcake... i was looking at the juicy nectarines i got yesterday and thinking about a shortcake... talk about comfort!


my strawberries from the farm hardly make it home! i eat most on the drive home.


I haven't had a strawberry shortcake in much too long. This one sounds delicious!


These look so beautiful and delicious Ann! perfect execution of Nicole's perfet recipe:) I made panna cotta with strawberries 2 days ago, now I need to try this!!:)


this dessert is divine!! too bad strawberry season just ended in france i will have to wait next year to try this recipe :-(


There is no dessert more perfect in the summer than strawberry shortcake. It looks lovely!

Susan from Food Blogga

My mom made her with cake, but after seeing your splendid creation, I may have to switch to the biscuit camp. (Just don't tell Mom, OK?)


There really is no delicate way to eat something as stuffed full of cream as this, and nor should there be.


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