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June 19, 2008



Mmm! And what are you going to make with those beauties?


That photo does justice to your new SLR. I like the composition, bringing your eye down from the left to center. But, was showing the lttle blemish on the side of the central tomato deliberate? Perhaps, to show that perfection is almost?


I know you're sick of salads, but that would be just about the only real place to preserve its perfection!

Meanwhile, I must struggle with locally grown underripe, sour tomatoes. Yecchh


Now that's just plain evil. There are no gorgeous tomatoes showing up on my table in the near future.

Those scream tomato sandwich to me. Good hearty bread, mayo, sliced tomato and lotsa black pepper. Eaten while standing up, over the sink, because it's a drippy sandwich. Totally worth the mess.

Free BBQ Recipes

For me it's gotta be Bruschetta. Skinned, seeded and mashed with olive oil and salt. Just spread it on toasted bread and taste the Mediterranean!


Sophie, we had one of them in the ever-present salad last night... and I think we'll make that pasta with tomatoes and basil tomorrow. Yum!

Dad, thanks! I did leave the blemish deliberately, as heirlooms never look "perfect" and yet taste like perfection itself. :-)

Manggy, I have to tell you that my knees buckled when I tasted the first bite of one of these beauties! Hey! Does this mean I've inspired geographical depression?! :-)

Elle, but the wait will be soooooo worth it!

Free BBQ Recipes, bruschetta is always good!


Ohhhhhhhh...now, for all that I can say about the amazing produce in Washington state--there's nothing like tomatoes from New Jersey. It was greenhouse grown--how interesting! I wonder where!? Lovely pic.


Gorgeous! That is all.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Beautiful! Slice, sprinkle with some nice sea salt, and eat.


salad? slice? bruchetta? How about bite, bite again, bite again, SIGH with joy.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Ahhhh, nice!


im totally head over hills with these tomatoes....i cant wait to see your magic touch...i bet its gonna be something fresh and light!! yummy


i'd rather sit and stare at those gorgeous 'maters than a)work, b)watch the painful lack of good shows on tv, and c)exercise. :)


Cakespy, I think it was actually Long Island... :-)

GirlCanBake, thanks!

Lydia, it made my eyes roll up in my head. :-)

Marla, I hear you!

Lori Lynn, thank you!

dhanggit, I'm in love with them too...!

grace, and this is why you are a food blogger!


I can't wait for my tomatoes to fruit.
I love Union Square farmers market!!


Love heirlooms, although they can be particularly delicate, as in eat 'em up quick. I find their "imperfections" quite beautiful, too.


Great pic - have I asked you what camera you're using?


gorgeous! ... sigh! takes me back to the heady days of summer!


Boo- tee- full!!


oh my... that tomato looks perfect!


Maya, you're lucky you have the space to grow tomatoes!

Susan, heirloom tomatoes have ruined me for life. I just can't abide tomatoes out of season anymore, mainly because of the beuaties like these.

Kyla, thank you! I am the proud and delighted owner of a brand new Canon Rebel XTi.

Johanna, I can't wait until the high season starts!

RecipeGirl, why thank you!

Aran, and it tasted perfect, too!

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