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July 13, 2008



Now that is an unparalleled classic right there :) Two of my most favorite savory foods-- bacon and scallops :P

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

When I was a kid (in the '50s and '60s), bacon-wrapped scallops (called rumaki, back in the day) were one of the "fancy" things my mother made when friends came to play bridge. Anything with a foreign-sounding name was considered fancy food back then. Of course she was a whiz at making Chex Mix, too, and there was nothing fancy about that -- though it always made an appearance at those bridge games.

Bonbon Oiseau

ahh yeah! everything goes better with bacon, so the saying goes in my house. My mom used to wrap canned water chestnuts in bacon for her parties..remember that--rumaki!! party!
the salad looks beautiful too ann!


Oh wow, that is a brilliant idea. I must try it next time I eat scallops.


this is one of the best appetizers of all time. it's impressive and people just gobble them up like there's no tomorrow. i'll bet you already knew that. :)


I can tell you want's not to like: I didn't have any of these.
I think this might make the dinner table tonight: that I can like!


You know, I've never had bacon-wrapped scallops. I've long heard of their mythic deliciousness, but somehow, they've just never made it onto my plate. I think I must fix this as soon as possible because bacon and scallops are two of my favorite things in the whole world!


I will! I will! Anything with bacon has my heart, and my stomach! Yet, curiously I have never had bacon wrapped scallops. Time to remedy, I would say! Thanks!


Oooo. *Slurp* Already have everything for this week, but that's going on my shopping list for next weekend. I need delicious but light dinner ideas (literally light, as in not a lot of meat/bulk) and this is perfect.


Need I say "hit me with your best shot"...you already did. The scallops are an easy fix and done in no time and you already know I love roasted beets. I think the goat's cheese would be much better than the blue cheese I used - too salty. I could be a hero in no time with this prep. Gorgeous


I adore scallops! That meal looks fabulous. Great blog!


Oh yeah...I'm thanking you. For giving me a huge craving! ;)


Bacon!!!! Everything is better with bacon, EVERYTHING!

I love these though. Two of my favorite things right there. I like to do shrimp brochette the same way, except with the shrimp, I fold in a chunk of pepperjack cheese.

These are great as appetizers too.


Oh my, this sounds like a perfect meal!! I wish I were eating it right now, instead of waiting for Mr. Cakespy to get home and eat leftovers :-(


You will not believe how much I've been craving this lately. I guess it's so easy that I just need to get into the kitchen!


Grumpy would think he had died and gone to heaven if I had these scallops on the table for dinner. They look delicious!


Ooh lala! I, too, love scallops, though I've never cooked them, for fear of ruining them. I'm tempted to try these--how can I go wrong? They look so welcoming, friendly, and delicious!


I have heard about Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin but this one's unique. I love the idea of replacing the tenderloin with scallops

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