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July 10, 2008



This looks absolutely delicious!! I love the idea of putting brioche cubes on top, and I can almost taste the perfect flavor combination you've created...almost. Maybe I need a piece, just to be sure ;)


I'm with Sophie: OMG! I'm so jealous of all your beautiful cherries! They're 10.99 a pound right now here - on sale. Boo hoo. I'm hoping by next year I won't miss stuff like that so much. It looks lovely and gorgeous...wonder if pineapple would work...

BTW - I fixed the link! Thanks again for letting me know!

Mary Anne

Wow! this looks much more decadent than mine and sounds wonderful. I may have to get some cherries.

Sharon McBurney

The cherry photos are gorgeous! They really need to be painted. And the recipes sound good, too, and easy. Alas, the Oregon cherry crop was a dud this year, a late snow and bees who did not pollinate doomed it. A big disappointment.


Ann, what an incredible difference the new camera makes... that first photo is perfection!!

Susan/Wild Yeast

Very deliciously evil indeed!

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

OH, brioche is the best.


Heaven: brioche cubes and cherry call it whatever just call me when it's ready please! Very beautiful.


The bowl or the cobbler..hard to decide....toss a coin and flip me the winner!


Sinful indeed! I too am jealous of the cherries-- the 10.99 a pound Michelle stated is pretty close a price for us, and there's no guarantee we're not just getting the bad quality ones!
This would kind of make it a pudding/ betty, wouldn't it? :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Brioche?! How sinfully delicious! I love it when my husband makes brioche, and we use the leftovers for French toast (so over the top). But I'm in love with the idea of cherries and brioche, so will definitely try this. I do wish we had a great CSA opportunity near us, but with so many farmstands closer to home, it's never made sense to drive farther for a CSA. You are so lucky to have a good CSA near you.


"cinnamon, to taste" is a dangerous phrase for me. actually, i tend to do it in every recipe, whether it's stated like that or not. :)
i adore cobblers (the dessert, of course, not the shoe fixers) and cherries are fabulous too, so i'm pretty darn jealous of you right now. :)

Patricia Scarpin

I won't mind at all if you send some over, Ann. Oh, and the dessert, too. ;)


wow I want your CSA. I have yet to decide what CSA to go with and when I think I know I email them and never hear back...some day I will geter done.

the Cherries look great.


How appropriate that you would be using Queen Anne cherries in your baking. I hope that Jack now refers to you by your queenly name. The cobbler is one of those making something out of very little recipes although I think you raised the bar with brioche and cherries.


That's a great way to use those cherries!

Coffee and Vanilla

Those cherries looks beautiful!
The recipe sounds very good as well, I have never tried cobbler yet...

Have a nice day, Margot


What a gorgeous cherry galore! I'll have to try cobbler these days


Ooooooooh this is seriously indulgent stuff Ann. Must have been out of this world. Love the pictures too!! WOW!!


So that's why you wouldn't take my cherries. I understand now! :-)
I've been over my head with them but i managed to give some to one of the reader. I might get another batch next week, along with another 8 bags of freakin' kale! [sigh]

Me like that cherry cobbler. Maybe i'll do that instead of complaining. :-)


This dessert looks wonderful - if it's evil, I am happy to be tempted ;) The cherries by themselves also look glorious - it is so far from cherry season here at the moment that fresh cherries are a distant but very fond memory ...

african vanielje

There's something irresistable about pink fruits and desserts (and indeed pasta) but cherries are my all time favourite. One of the desserts at my wedding was an enormous bowl of ripe cherries. I think I ate most of them myself.


Yep me to,o having a hard time to decide, everytime I bought some cherries with a lot of recipes plans in the back of my heads, I ate all the fresh cherries first before I could decide what to make out of it :)

Ellie @ Kitchen Wench

What gorgeous cherries! I usually can't get fresh cherries to last long enough to make anything with them (they disappear too quickly into my mouth) but the cobbler sounds great!


We would like to feature this recipe on our blog. Please email haleyglasco@gmail.com if interested. Thanks :)



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