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July 04, 2008



looks delicious, a good meatless recipe, can't wait to try it... thank's for sharing :)


Hah! What a funny post.
Don't worry, the photos look great as usual, especially if they were taken in a mad rush at the end!


GASP!!! What a wonderful 'giddy god' post this is!! Funnily enough, my heart skipped a beat when I read about the broken rules!! Recent phenomenon with me too when I send entried...wonder why it scares me!!Have a great 4th....


Oohwhee! Congratulations on your first handmade pasta!! Now, if only a friend would give me a good pasta machine, hahaha :) Gently encasing an egg yolk doesn't sound easy. I'm so impressed, and the effect is just fantastic!
Of course, the truffle butter is just the perfect bit of over the topness that it needs :)

michelle @ TNS

hooray on your first handmade pasta - it looks fantastic.

and what's with all this "scared of me" shit? I AM A FUCKING TEEDYBEAR.

great post and entry, rule-breaking or not!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Great post. Putting these together is an amazing feat of dexterity. But, you know, you could still have taken pictures. ;)


That whole procedure of sealing the ravioli when there's an uncooked egg yolk inside sounds next to impossible. Way to challenge yourself on your first pasta making attempt! (Which by the way, looks extremely successful.)


ya done good--they look pretty perfect to me! i loved your disclaimers. :)


Oh my Ann - glad you cheated with this one a little because i really like the recipe here. simply delicious!


Wow - I saw these on Masterchef, and thought they looked amazing. I'm so impressed with how yours look - great job!!


Ha! Michelle scares me too... but I'm too scared to say that.

This ravioli looks so very interesting. It's not anything I've ever thought to make!

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

yes, i totally understand about michelle, but I am impressed that you could write it. my smackdown was not nearly as exciting. yours looks great.


Oh, that looks mouthwateringly delicious. I read somewhere that there was a restaurant doing egg-yolk ravioli with duck eggs, and that's been on my list of things to think about for a while.

Congratulations on your pasta success!


Great job! I like the idea of using quail eggs also,more manageable sized ravioli and the possibility of more than two, but from the looks of those babies, two would be more than enough, especially with truffle butter.

Rebecca (Foodie With Family)

I can practically taste those. What a fantastic recipe. (And complex- I'm still trying to picture how you managed with the egg yolk inside.) I think I would be the most popular wife (I'm also the only wife) that my husband ever had if I made these. He's nutty for egg yolks.

michelle @ TNS


come on, now. i'm all bark, no bite. plus, fear makes food taste better.


Wow Ann I'd call that a challenge! I can well understand that you couldn't handle a camera and these at the same time! 'Egg yolk' in the middle . . . well dugh! Those look fantastic!!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

That was a fun read. I was anxious hearing about the process.
Anything with truffle butter and I'm all for it. Love the idea of a silky egg yolk in the ravioli.


This looks preposterously good.


Oh my god, all this fear of Michelle has me laughing hysterically. Hahahahahahaa!!!

What a great post Ann. I have been wanting to buy my own pasta roller for quite some time now. It's just a matter of spending the money. Congratulations on your first try, I salute your accomlishment.


Hey, you should have called me. I always carry truffles in my pockets. Kiddiing!! Only when they're in season. :-)
Those raviolis look fantastic! I made something a bit similar once, it was ricotta, spinach and a quail egg inside a ravioli. Oh and yes, white truffle shaved over the top. Yum!


i'm swooning. my goodness. and honestly, i love piping anything lately -- those pastry bags kind of make me feel like a real chef. :-)

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