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July 01, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Yum! And with the maple syrup, it's a perfect dish for Canada Day today. I'm in love with Foodgawker; Chuck is doing such a great job there.


(Wait, I thought Sophie was a vegan? Why did I think that?)

Well, of COURSE! Three out of the four words in the recipe's name are things I love! (I'm not yet "that guy" and I don't know what Bourbon tastes like...) Great (bookmarked) recipe, Ann! Drooooool.

african vanielje

I saw this too, Ann. It looks delicious. Love maple, love scallops, just got to put the two together.


The sear and the caremelization from the bourbon and syrup make this dish look awesome!


That does look incredible and we both love scollops here!


It's true! It was my first time ever trying scallops, and I'm so happy to have been won over by this recipe.

It's super easy to make and tastes sooo good!!

Bonbon Oiseau

Looks great...and Happy Canady Day. If you haven't tried the maple syrup from Consider Barnwell Farms (the ones from the mccarren market--i'm such a greenmarket nerd), you MUST! Ok so it's $10 but it's the best maple syrup I've ever had, hands down. (you do get a dollar back when you return the bottle so...) Thanks for the recipe!


Lordy, that looks good. Scallops are a weakness of mine. One cannot possibly have enough good scallop recipes.


I love scallops more than I can even say. And this recipe looks like it's a cinch to make, too.


i don't typically like scallops, believe it or not, but maple syrup happens to be an addiction. perhaps this is the secret to helping me become friends with the chewy little suckers... :)

Susan from Food Blogga

For me to eat scallops, they have to be caramelized on top, and yours are cooked perfectly. So easy and delicious. Who wouldn't love this recipe?

Fran Z

Oh thses look so yummy! I love scallops!


wow. i love scallops. i love bourbon even more. this sounds ab fab!! and now i'm bookmarking this too :)


Like...whoa. These look...incredible. I never would have thought of this preparation, but it sounds delectable!


Those look so great!


Delicious looking scallops!




I love, love, love scallops, and have been craving them lately. This looks like a real winner!

noble pig

These look amazingly, amazing. Just over the top delicious.

Bellini Valli

Thanks for the push in the right direction Ann:D


Oh Ann, these look sensational. I am always looking for new things to do with scallops because it's one meat Steve and I agree on. Thanks for this!

Ruth E

What wonderfully tempting scallops!!!! I've never had any but the more i see them the more I feel I need to give them a go!

Thanks for sending this in for bookmarked recipes.

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