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July 06, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Beautiful marmalade! I was offered a bunch of rhubarb from a friend's garden this weekend but didn't know what to make with it. Now I know!


I feel so lucky, and I can't wait! I'm heading off on vacation and hope it arrives in time to tuck into my bag. I am picturing late mornings, hot scones, your marmalade and a good book. Thank you.....


This is looking like familiarity to me. Just having home made jams in he cold storage is a good feeling. I love the combination. Apricots are now aplenty so I hink they'll be next.


cute jars! (oh and the jam looks delish too)


Ann, you made my day here, I do exactly the same thing, I promise something and then I procrastinate or whatever it can be. So good to know I'm not alone-thanks!


orange and marmalade, i love this combination..oh they are all so lucky to taste this wonder :-)

dont worry ann, you are not alone in this procrastinating issues :-)


better late than never, and all that. i suspect it's worth the wait and i'm jealous that i won't be receiving any. :)


Lucky readers. But you really made them wait :)
I loved the pots. They are also great to use with in homemade yogurts.


What a great idea for your strawberries. The strawberry lemonade bars look great!


YEAAAH!!! Thanks so much Ann! What a lovely unexpected gift! It'll be my first taste of rhubarb too! (I am fervently hoping that the post office doesn't screw it up.) Now for something completely unmanly--> xxoo ;) I don't care. You're so sweet (hah, you are probably shaking your head at that...)
And, it comes in a cute Ball jar too! w00t!


Hi Ann, I got your package yesterday and it made my day! you are the greatest. I owe you something really good now; just have to come up with a good idea.


That sounds amazing!


How sweet that is...YUM!!

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