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July 16, 2008



Your julienne is perfect. I have to work on that myself. Your photos are lovely and the soup looks tasty.


I saw both your and Natashya's posts on this. Looks like a soup I would love for my weekday lunches.


Good grief woman! Look at those beautiful julienned veggies! I wish I could do that!! Hmmm...I'll have to add that to my "to learn" list. ;) The soup sounds wonderful too!


Your soup has just the texture the recipe called for - well done!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

And I was just thinking as I read this post that it would be good cold, too -- maybe because it was 95 degrees at my house this afternoon....


But so much prettier than vichyssoise! Plus darblay just sounds like a fun word to say.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Vegetable harmony. Bravo.


Sans the pureeing of the potatoes, this sounds very similar to some rainy-weather soups we would make here-- lovely and comforting (it's been stormy here the past few days). Also, I though Julienne Darblay would be someone's name again, haha! :)


what a fancy-shmancy name for tater soup with chopped veggies. :) i'm sure it went down real nice--good work.


What a great soup Ann! It's just too hot for soups here now but I do love all ingredients and I'm keeping this recipe for the winter cold days... or have you tried it cold?


What a great soup Ann! Could you also have it cold? It's just too hot here now, but I love all ingredients!


Sorry, Internet is giving me errors and that's why I resend it... I thought that the 1st one didn't go through... ups!


I am overwhelmed at your julienned veggies!! I'll have to be content with my mandoline julienne. My grandmother always made us vichyssoise in the summer and it was delightful. I would love it with these julienned veggies and how simple to just pour the vichyssoise over them!


I love how this is a soup and yet it still has such summery colors. It looks so fresh and delicious!

Bonbon Oiseau

this looks great!


Impressive knifework, and a lovely-looking soup. :)


your julienne strips are so perfect ann!! and your photos are soo mouth-watering!! i love them!


lovely creamy soup.
I came here through What´s For Lunch, Honey? I am hosting an event dedicated to trying foods from other bloggers. Meeta is in the spotlight for July. I really hope you can participate :-)

Bellini Valli

I love potato soup of all kinds...hot or cold:D


Wow, your julienned vegetables look perfect! I agree that again it wasn't a hard recipe but required more pots than I usually use to make a soup!

Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

You've got a lovely bit of knife-work there, and a beautiful soup to go with it! We've had unforgiving hot days as well, and this is a soup that works on a hot night. Served on the warm side of hot (steaming, but not scalding), this soup has a comforting lightness to it that was almost refreshing. Onward to creamy chicken next!


Delicious...the food looks delicious, your knife skills are amazingly delicious, the photos are delicious...I think you got this one down just right!


This is so dear to my heart... I grew up eating leek and potato soup... at least once a week. I don't care if it's 100 degrees outside. I love soup!

michelle @ TNS

okay, that's a super fun word. darblay. darblay. darblay.

confetti soup!


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