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July 09, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

This soup does sound delicious! Looking forward to the further adventures of Whisk Wednesdays.


Oh, Jack was right...this was one very good soup...and I think it had something to do with all those pots and pans and dishes used to make it...LOL! My biggest question was what size to use, so I got out my big ones as I thought maybe those were the "medium" they called for and they were huge, so I really had a huge stack, but at least now I know how to gauge the size a little better. It was so worth it.

I laughed at your comment about the cruelty of cooking...too funny.

I'm so happy you joined us...your post was wonderful and fun and I learned some things, too...a perfect combination!


I think it's funny that we all found the stack of dishes incredible after this soup. Your idea of straining into a bowl instead and reusing the bowl is brilliant. Why didn't I think of that!?! I'm glad you enjoyed the soup, and I love your picture. So glad you joined us too!!


Yum! This looks really delicious. I can certainly imagine eating this... just not on a night like this one when it's SO hot!!


Hah! "This is restaurant quality!" Best line from First Wives' Club. Thanks, Sarah Jessica Parker!
I love the taste of mussels so I'm just aching to have this soup now despite the warm weather! The one thing I can't make my peace with is throwing away those mussel meats! Nooooooo! :P


how sophisticated and elegant! i don't think i'm civilized enough to eat something like this. :) it looks sensational!


this soup looks like what i needed to cheer me up :-) .looking forward to your whisking adventures..i'll probably join the group too :-)have a nice day Ann


Oh this is a good one! I haven't made it in a while but I remember the perfect taste. Delicious! You should collect all these 'restaurant quality' recipes and open a restaurant one day. Ha! Okay, just kidding... You have to be completely mad to open a restaurant and I know you're not. :-)


That is a soup my Billy (husband) needs to try, so does his father (Bill). It does sound delicious and looks super smooth! Great group event!


It looks completely delicious! I'm glad that you did the bad*ss thing though and used the same pot :-)


I love that group, it's like a training program, but I'm sad because I can't join...the lack of many ingredients is "killing" me. This soup looks gorgeously smooth.


That soup looks divine and I cannot wait to see the one you are making next week!

Susan from Food Blogga

That sounds like a terrific group. And we'll all get to learn thanks to posts like this. That soup must have been deliciously velvety.

Glennis - Can't Believe We Ate

Over 4th of July we were doing a concert (community chorus and band) in which we sang, "Billy Boy"...and yes, I went there with this soup! I love your explanation of the soup...and how you both felt about it. I'm a bit put off by mussels, not discouraged, but anxious in a nervous way. And I haven't been able to score reasonably fresh mussels yet, but I'm still working on it! Can see it now...I'll be having mussel soup in the middle of some kind of dessert lesson! Enjoy the Julienne Darblay! It's wonderful!

tin whiskers

Nice soup.I love the taste of mussels so I'm just aching to have this soup now despite the warm weather!


Just discovered your site today while looking for mussel recipes - and this sounds delicious! My only question is how much flour and butter for a roux; I mean, is there a basic rule of thumb for those two measurements based on the amount of liquid? Looking forward to more Whisk Wednesdays!

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