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July 07, 2008



mmm! These do look and sound wonderful - went and checked out the recipe, thanks!

Bellini Valli

I did see this recipe over at Baking Bites. Cherries are the new strawberries in our neck of the woods...cherry season:D

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Oh, what a fantastic idea! I love lemon bars and we have a bunch of strawberries becoming mushier by the second!

Such an inspired idea! Thanks for sharing.


What a clever idea! This sounds like something the mad hippie engineers would love. :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Those do look just like pink lemonade -- what a treat!

Rebecca (Foodie With Family)

I would be the most popular Mom on the planet if I made this (check that- it should read, "If I made these and decided to share them.") They're beautiful!

I wish I had seen this recipe a week ago. I just put 30 lbs of strawberries up in the freezer. I sat at the table after picking them because they were all riding that fence between super-ripe and feed for the chickens. I just might have to go down to the farm stand and see if I can wrangle up a few more strawberries to try these out!


Oh those look great. I will be checking them out. I have TONS of strawberries to get through...


I actually can't detect a difference in taste between lemonade and pink lemonade, but I can't ever say no to melty cookie bars. Awesome. The coralline color is just fantastic.
What is up with people with an excess of berries and cherries? The world is so unfair!!!! :P


pink lemonade can taste exactly like regular lemonade and i still prefer it. i must be a girl. :)
great-looking bars!


What a great idea! They're so pretty. I am a sucker for lemon bars.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Ahh, so darling those pink lemonade bars with powdered sugar! Sweet and lovely! Sit on a big porch on a lazy summer afternoon and enjoy with (I was going to say tea) but I would probably have some pink champagne.


I saw these over at Baking Bites and bookmarked them to try but still haven't made them, they look great!

Patricia Scarpin

I'd be glad already with the jam, but these bars are irresistible, Ann!

Patricia Scarpin

I'd be glad already with the jam, but these bars are irresistible, Ann!

Ruth E

Great way to use up those berries! These look fabulous! Thanks for sending this into bookmarked recipes!


I have bags of frozen strawberries in my freezer from last summer's berry picking. Can anyone please tell me if it would be ok to use frozen strawberries to make the puree?


Hate to post this here but couldn't find an email to contact you at. Just wanted to let you know that Sweet Nothings Desserts on facebook is using the picture of your squares on the plate as her own image. She cropped the table cloth out and even went as far as to water mark the picture on her page. Just about any clean clear crisp picture she has posted can be googled and you can find the image and click back to the blog she has stole the pictures from.


Thanks, Holly. It has been removed.

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