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July 08, 2008



This just looks incredible!! Homemade beet pasta with blue cheese sauce...mmmmm. Sounds wonderfully decadent and delicious.


Pink pasta always makes me smile :) The entire dish is so vibrant! I'm planning on making a trio sometime: pink, green and white pasta.


this is so gorgeous ann!! i'll definitely bookmark this recipe for valentine season :-)


Outside of dumplings, I haven't made any pasta from scratch. I know it'll drive me crazy at first, but looking at your results, I'm feeling more confident about it. So very pretty. Did you see the recent article in the Times on beets? Apparently they are far more healthy than initially thought. : )


I'm still so afraid to make pasta--you are good! This dish is gorgeous!

african vanielje

Ann, this looks fantastic, despite your humidity difficulties. Elle, I wish you'd just dive in and try. Pasta is soooo easy, and beetroot gives a lovely earthy taste as well as this gorgeous colour.

Ann, the sauce sounds absolutely gorgeous. I can almost feel my eyes rolling back in my head.


Oh that is a GORGEOUS looking pasta. I love to make my own pasta and this is something I will definitely try soon. Great recipe!


Never make a pasta before.. but this recipe is worth the try... superb colour :)


Ah, beets with garlic, sage, blue cheese and cream: yes that would have me moaning with pleasure!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Pretty in Pink!
Looks like your efforts were well worth the trouble!


Yummy, that just is something worth trying! Beets and blue cheese is one of the best combinations!


Beet insanity! I love it! I must admit, I'm not as savy with my beet recipes either. I just have a few in my firing fun. You post has totally inspired me to broaden my beet horizons! Thanks!


I loooove beets! I want a pasta maker but the Hubs just raises an eyebrow every time I bring it up. Maybe for Christmas. We're working on perfecting our ice cream this summer.

Anyway, I'm so impressed with your pasta!! When can I come for dinner? Incidentally, red pasta reminds me to look up a recipe for drunken pasta I had in Florence on my honeymoon.


Daaaammmn that looks good. I love beets in any way, shape or form--this looks like a great addition to my repertoire--perhaps with some beet cake for dessert!


This recipe looks amazing. I am really interested in cool twists for pasta. I'm going to try it this weekend!

You might be interested in my website. There are some incredible recipes.

Thanks for the idea!




It's gorgeous, Ann! I haven't made pasta since we moved (and now your comment about hot, humid days has me a little wary), but I was just thinking the other day while making a beet salad that all that beautiful juice running down my sink as I peeled them should be going to color pasta! Great idea about adding the reserved puree to the pasta water to preserve the color too!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Ooooh, the color! It's time I dusted off that pasta machine in the cellar and got to work. Beets and blue cheese -- doesn't get much better than that.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

I too saw the beet pasta on African Vanielje's blog and was mesmerized by the lovely colours. Your bowl of pasta is equally as mesmerizing.


Love beets! So impressive you made beet pasta. I've made a similar thing with just normal pasta, cream sauce, beets, cheese and nuts: when served warm, really good in the winter.


this sounds like quite an undertaking, but the end result sure is beautiful! i don't particularly care for them, but if nothing else, beets do provide a lovely color (and perhaps a few nutrients and the like...). :)


Ok......that looks amazing and I can't help but comment on the presentation. Perfect on the earthy yellow plate with just a touch of the green parsley to cool down the visual heat of the dish. The napkin underneath works perfectly. When are you going to do a post on cooking in color? xo

Astra Libris

oooooh!!! I. Am. In. Awe. Your pasta is positively the most beautiful pasta I've ever seen!


Your photos are stunning! And this recipe sounds amazing. I love your pink-themed menu!
Shari@Whisk: a food blog


Fantastic job! What a great way to use the beets, on both counts.

Also, I haven't bought my pasta maker yet, but I do have these thingamabobs bookmarked. So if you're looking for drying apparatuses (why isn't that apparati? heh):


or for a cheaper one that apparently works very well:



this looks terrific! what gorgeous color in the fresh pasta. i saw beets at the farmer's market this weekend but just couldn't bear the thought of roasting them when it was so hot!

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