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July 24, 2008



Gosh! Good call on the wiring! I'm glad you guys found it in time. I kind of can't believe you managed to get all that done between Tuesday and today, haha :)

That is the cutest sambal ever! It even kind of looks like good old-fashioned American homemade jam!


You would think that the super wouldn't want to take any risks after what happened last year.

After watching and hearing about major fires in the area, I never hesitate to call over a smoke detector going off. Plus, a bunch of firemen in uniform always adds a bit of excitement to my day.


Sorry about all that hectic stuff. :(
Good choice though...what you made looks really good. :)What would you serve with this stuff? Does it go in a dish? or on a cracker? Sorry if this is a stupid question. Haha. :)


How appropriate! Sambal Oelek to match your weather conditions and, no doubt, your temper. Maybe you should offer your super a sandwich laced with a generous serve of sambal oelek. I think you would see some action then!


Sorry about all your difficulties this past week, wow. Glad you guys are settling back to normal... mostly.

I was going to ask what to make with this too until I clicked on your link to Backyard Pizzeria and saw the words "chili paste" describing this. Most Thai dishes are cooked with a bit of chili paste so I assume they mean this kind?

And can I just get an amen on the habaneros? I love spice. A LOT. You pretty much can't make anything too hot for me. I need to try this, without a doubt.

Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, no, Ann. I feel your pain with the laptop as it happened to me back in May. As for the heat, I plead the 5th on that one. ;) I'm glad everything was ok and you're safe. I do want to know though, were the firemen cute? :)


things i prefer to be hot:
local firefighters

and your super sounds like a stand-up guy... :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Yikes -- too much drama, Ann -- I know that some like it hot, but not in the walls! This sambal oelek looks plenty hot, though -- and that is just the way I like it. I've never thought to make my own, as there's always a bottle of the "rooster" stuff in my fridge. Yours looks so much more lively!


oh i am so doing this Ann!! I love sambal oelek but the last time i bought one from the supermarket the taste was really awful..home-made ones are definitely better


It's always in three's, isn't it? Adore the hot stuff. I've got a jar of sambal oelek in my cupboard, yet to be opened. I think I'll try that b/4 I attempt to cut open another habanero - to my peril. Punishing. I admire how you've managed all the hell you've been through lately.

Bellini Valli

This is a wonderful addition to the event Ann. I just love this event:D


Busy week! Thankfully you had the time to post this recipe, sounds fantastic. I'm especially interested in learning more about the health benefits of chili peppers, I'll have to head on over to Pam's site.

Nicole from : For the Love of Food

The pictures are awesome and mouth-watering. I love to eat sambal oelek! However, I've never had it spiced/flavored with sugar or lemon grass. The one I buy at my local Asian store is only made with red chilis, salt, and vinegar. Since you used habañeros instead of the red chilis, could you taste the other flavors in the paste??

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