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July 25, 2008


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

This is the time of year when I wish that, just once, I could grow tomatoes and harvest them before the rabbits get to them. There is something so reassuring about a gnarly tomato. Somehow you just know it will have great flavor.


I can see how Jack got totally smitten! ;) The pasta sounds delicious! Ah, those first few months of blogging, unsure of whether anybody was actually reading, heh heh :)

My eyes almost popped out when I first read the recipe-- when I read 1/2 pound of Brie, I absentmindedly thought 1/2 kilogram (14oz), so I thought, no wonder it's so good, you put a lot of chee$$$e into it!! Ha ha ha.


Er, I meant 18 oz. oops! This is what happens when you keep converting in your head!!


YUM YUM YUM Ann...am glad you decided to repost it. Well worthy of another showing...love the flavours. This is one of my favourite summer pastas!LOL manggy's conversions are making my eyes POP!!!


i am so making this! do you think if i made it with fresh pasta that it could stand up to the sauce, or should i stick with boxed pasta? (sometimes i have trouble picking out a sauce that won't overcome homemade pasta).

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Ann - So glad you resurrected this one!

I was heading to your blog anyway, but I spied the tomato photo on Recipe Muncher first. Oh, those colors! Couldn't wait to see what you made.

Patricia Scarpin

Ann, there's no better way of having pasta. This looks amazing.

Susan from Food Blogga

Summer tomatoes are indeed cause for celebration. And your pasta is sublime in both its flavors and simplicity.


I love heirloom tomatoes - I wish I could just shalack them and keep them in a bowl and they'd always be gorgeous and never rot. That linguine is so inviting - it's the 1/2 lb of brie that scares me.


looks like a recipe worth sharing again - and the photo of the tomatoes is quite amazing - such colours and shapes as I never see at my supermarket but I bet the tastes are miles ahead


copious melted cheese and gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. yes, i can see why this is a winner. does your daughter's boyfriend follow her around like a lost puppy now? :)


this is the type of food i'd love to eat with my hubby on a romantic evening..i just want simple food like this but with lots of great flavors on it..tomatoes and basil is a match made in heaven! have a great weekend Ann

Coffee and Vanilla

Beautiful, it make me miss garden tomatoes I used to eat back home...
Have a good day, Margot


MMM....and you are a goddess yourself! It looks awesome, and my dear, you had me at that picture of all those gorgeous heirloom tomatoes!!


This makes me want to cry...to think I was originally from NJ, the unofficial Tomato state...and I moved away. Regret!!


I could seriously eat a dish of that right now at 11:15 pm. Amazing!


Looks delicious. I love these types of meals - a few basic, fresh ingredients, making a nice easy meal.

Bellini Valli

I have a couple Silver Palate cookbooks. I still remember the coeur la creme with a poppy seed dressing...in fact I still have to try it:D


Delicious! I adore the Silver Pallate cookbook. I need to dust that one off and use it!! I have my mom's copy!


Love , Love , love the tomato photo, the colors and ambiance!


Oh...can't imagine life without tomato, love your linguini sauce :)


Linguini sauce looks great!

Astra Libris

Ohhhhh, seduction food indeed... I think you may have created the sexiest pasta ever... ;-) You are definitely a culinary goddess!

We Are Never Full

This is the perfect summer meal. PERFECT! also, i've been thinking of doing the same thing you did with this older recipe - dusting it off and bringing it back! why not??


We're picking our first tomatoes out of the garden today - and I'm so excited!! This sounds delicious, and I can't wait to see what other tomato recipes you post!

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