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July 18, 2008


Lori Lynn

Tears. In. Eyes.
That is a beautiful story.
Kate and Ann - Thank you so much for sharing.
Here's to your continued good health!
Lori Lynn


A mom does give her heart and yours made it very concrete! Beautiful, you are both beautiful from the inside to the outside! Thank you.
Many years of good health for you both!


Kate's story is inpsiring. It's when you really need help that you find out who's going to stick by you, and Kate is blessed with so many wonderful people in her life. I also love her no-nonsense fillet recipe - I agree with her view that food is not inherently "bad", it's how we may choose to eat it that can be bad.


There are no words. Firstly, I'm entirely grateful that Kate so willingly shared her story. To have so many potential donors is a God send. To have many antibodies makes it more difficult. Antibodies are generally measured on a scale to 100 - the higher the antibody percentage, the harder it is to find a match. I was lucky - I was at 33%. The good news is that the hospital told us that they had a successful transplant at 95% - a total miracle.

Thank you Ann for asking your friend Kate to share. Psychgrad said "did you comment"...and I had to say "would ya give me a chance to stop crying please"

I love the steak with arugula dish - it's beautiful and the picture is totally inviting.

You make a difference.


Wow - what a story. Thank you to your cousin for sharing and to you for getting it out there. Can we mention and link to this post on our blog?


What a wonderful story and such an incredible gift for a mother to be able to give to her daughter!


I was drawn in by the food and ended up in tears. In a good way. Thank you for sharing, it means a lot.


Dammit, Kate/Ann, now you've gone and made me all teary! This is not good for my image! Hahaha. I don't think patients will relish the fact that their doctor has to leave the room for a good cry..
That is just a fantastic story. I don't think you'll find many people of greater caliber than living donors. The fact that so many stepped up to the plate warms my heart even more.
Food prepared in a good, honest way is almost always healthy, and that delicious dish up there surely qualifies :)


*SIGH* Ann...what a wonderful & inspiring story to read. It's very beautiful & I think your page is getting innundated with tears!! Healthy food is in the mind I guess...just how we look at it. Thanks for posting this!!


What an inspiring story -- "Honey, I would give you my heart" -- yup, that did it -- floodgates open! What an beautiful story of love and friendship -- and an excellent recipe -- exactly what I was looking for this toasty New England summer day! To good food and good health!


wow. i'm glad i read this at home and not at work because tears streaming down one's face tends to raise eyebrows. this is a touching and beautiful story, and i'm so glad it was shared. thank ya'll.


What a great story. That recipe sounds delicious, too.


wish all of you the best of health, ann.

btw: i received your package. thanks so much! http://kerstinsklein.blogspot.com/2008/07/hat-and-jar-of-marmelade.html


Thank's for sharing the story and raising my awareness, am very touched.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Sharing this story is a wonderful gift to all of us. I'm going to forward this to members of my family.


Hugs to your cousin for sharing her story!


A beautiful story! That dish looks delicious!




Heehee... that response was great!

And you and Kate are just so wonderful! E-kisses galore!


What a wonderful story. I have had myself as a donor on my license for a long time, but it's nice to think I could donate something without having to be a cadaver also!


thank you Ann for sharing this beautiful story..it touched me from within :-)


Thank you for this post, Ann and Kate. It is nice to read such a wonderful story and a bit of history about my family who I wish I knew better. And your photos are beautiful!


Thanks for sharing this story with us. I have got goose bumps.


Kate and Ann, thanks for sharing such beautiful story!!! Moms are the best!
Donnating our organs is the best thing we can do! But donnating an organ when still alive that's the supreme generosity!


beautiful story - reminds us how many problems there are in the world and how important love (and mums) are in keeping the world turning


That's a beautiful story. I have always found that in moments of difficulty, there are always people (sometimes family, friends and sometimes strangers) who are always there for you and never let you lose hope.
Btw, I agree with your cousin but unfortunately find it difficult to resist the cake, too.:)

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