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August 06, 2008



Great looking salad - and a super entry!


I like the combination of flavors here, Ann! And that's saying a lot-- true-blue Filipinos would faint if they see a melon in a savory dish, haha :) I'd probably add meat in the form of prosciutto (or caramelize some bacon-- but you guys don't wanna turn on the stove, heh :)
Re: The salts-- I did taste them individually, and I gotta say, the Eurasian Black Salt is... interesting ;) I like the Hawaiian red salt most, and of course the ocean salt. I just gotta figure out how to best use them-- special salts are very, very new to me. Thanks a million again!!


How cool is this...[perfect for this blessed weather Ann. Also perfect because I can get all the ingred here. i think we can beat the heat with this one! I just read an interesing post about flavoured sea salts...this gives me the delicous end product!

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

I am feeling less cranky just reading your post, Ann.
Great combination of flavors!


I love this salad. It has all the ingredients I love in the summer. Great entry for the event :)


I would have never thought to do this combination, but it sounds like a match made in heaven! What a great way to beat the heat!

noble pig

This is a beautiful recipe. I love the colors and the icy cukes and melon. Very nice and perfect entry for Crace's event.

Susan from Food Blogga

This is such a lovely, softly colored salad. It just sings summertime, Ann.


cool, cool, cool... i need that!!!


This is deliciously refreshing but... where's the bacon!? hehe. Sorry i can't help it! I would wrap bacon in .. err.. bacon!
Are you really sure you don't want more vegetables?? zuchinnis... tomatoes.. from the garden?? :-)


this is completely fabulous, ann. i just love the fact that it's got both fruit and veggies (and cheese). yep, it's perfect for a hot day. heck, it's perfect for any day. :)


gorgeous entry Ann!! I cant wait to see the round up of this event, with the heat im going through here in France that will surely ease my sufferings LOL I have never tried combining melons and cucumber but they must be really good together to beat the heat of the summer :-) yummy recipes as always! Have a great day dear


This looks great! I love the addition of feta cheese.


Perfect! I've been playing around with melon in salads the past couple of years and LOVE it. Your salad's combination of textures and flavors are just right for hot weather. And anything with feta gets my attention, any time. Can't wait to try this.


Aw, my grandmother used to give us the same two things in the summer - cukes in vinegar with ice and cantaloupe with salt and pepper! Thanks for the trip down memory lane - I'll have to try this!


Oooh. I do love combining melon with "strange" things. Thanks for the idea. It sounds lovely, especially the mint!

Bonbon Oiseau

i love it--and it's beautiful! i agree--no ovens for me in summer as much as i can help it (until i AVE tio bake a fruit pie) i have so many tomatoes coming now and i love the combination with melon--i may make a trip to astoria for some serious feta goodness...

Fearless Kitchen

This looks great. I love the combination of ingredients - and I really think that the feta makes it.


The Rocky Ford cataloups are here so I made this last week. Everyone loves it! Best thing I've had this summer.


Beat the heat, or any time! Your photography is great, makes you wish you could take a bite right now.

Vincent Diego

Your blog has so many tasty recipes - I forgot about my diet =)

Cafe Robin

Yeah, that salad looks really amazing! Think I should ask my sister to cook it.

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