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August 01, 2008


Oakley Rhodes

Wow, this looks great! Great job using your CSA box to it's full potential. I work for an organization in Oregon that is trying to get more people to use local, seasonal foods - especially sourcing directly through farmers markets and CSAs. Keep up the great work, and I'm linking to your blog.
-Oakley from lemonbasil.blogspot.com


Well - I hope this marks the return to Indian cuisine for you. I'm always on the look out for Indian recipes that are moderately accessible to an amateur like me. I have some garam masala - though it might fall short of flavours when compared to a fresh blend.


Wow! This looks really good... maybe you'll make some next time I come over? ;)


You guys can even make curry look beautiful! I'm so jealous as pictures of stuff like this never turn out for me! Smart idea to do it in slow cooker too - I never would have thought of that. I especially love the measurements of the veggies - perfect!


Darn good lookin' curry, I could scarf that down right now!


P.S. Ann and Jack - I've given you two an award!


Excellent! You know, I've always found in interesting that the national dish of England is Chicken Tikka Masala (or do they just say that? What is it really?). The only thing I don't have is the black cardamom-- I hope I can do without. I love Indian curries! I can't believe you gone on so long without them! :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Cool -- I've been looking for more slow-cooker recipes this summer (same as you, kitchen is too hot to cook), and I love any curry that I can spice up to my heart's content.


True - for a Brit that is strange. But glad you have found your appetite for Indian curries again and this is certainly a great way to get anyone's mouth watering.


funny, same thing happened to my wife (an aussie). I think part of it is that (save for a few spots on 6th St or out in queens) New York has much weaker Indian restaurants than London or even San Francisco. She's just starting cooking curries again however, and I'm trying to get the hang of them myself, so thanks for this post.


Mmmm garam masala. This looks delicious. I kind of waver in and out of my tendency to cook Indian food-- I wouldn't be able to go too long though because the depth of flavors really satisfy me in ways most other types of foods cannot.

noble pig

Wow, that spice picture really put me in the mood for an Indian fix! I loved it.

Nice blog too!


ya know, i keep seeing garam masala as an ingredients in these fabulous recipes but i never really knew what it contained and was too lazy to look it up. thanks for clearing that up--now those recipes (including this one) are even more appealing. :)

Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewy

What a great idea to make curry in a slow cooker! It looks absolutely delicious! I'll bet that slow simmering gives the curry a real depth of flavor.

I like a lot of vegetables in my curry. Whenever I make some, I always add a little potato, green beans and eggplant. This way, I've got a few more food grops covered in one pot!


Great picture of all the spices!


Oakley - Thanks for the link! Yes, we're really into this CSA thing now. It's fun figuring out things to do with our weekly haul and we like the challenge provided by not really knowing what we're going to get until the day.

Psychgrad - There are some decent ready made garam masalas out there but you really get a nicer flavour and taste when you make your own. If you can get hold of the main ingredients I do recommend making a batch.

Sophie - Sure! Just remind me to leave the chicken out. :-)

michelle - The pretty pics are down to Ann, her new camera and her eye for composition which is far superior to mine. I have a tendency to not notice things in the background - stains, dirty cutlery, old pizza boxes... :-). Oh, and thanks again for the award!

Nicisme - I was pretty pleased with how well it turned out since it wasn't quite my normal recipe.

Manggy - Chicken Tikka Masala really is the most popular dish in England. I think it overtook Fish and Chips about five or six years ago. Black cardamoms aren't essential, but nice if you can get them. I got spoiled living in Tooting, London for so long because the place is heaving with Indian shops and food markets. You can get everything there - really cheap, too.

Lydia - Yes, I never used to use a slow cooker for my curries; I always made them in a pan on the stove. But this turned out really well.

Meeta - I think I sort of went into denial because I always loved Indian food so much that when I couldn't get the good stuff easily anymore I started to pine a bit. I think I just dealt with the lack by "forgetting" that I missed it.

Giff - Yes, it's odd how hard it is to find a decent Indian restaurant in NYC. The same applies to Mexican places - not too many really good ones. I don't even like many of the places on 6th st. The only one I've tried that did a fairly decent job was Banjara on 6th st. and 1st.

cookinpanda - Yes, there's something about Indian flavours that hits places no other cuisine can.

noble pig - Thanks!

grace - A good garama masala is one of the things that lifts an ordinary curry to another level.

Susan - I think curry generally benefits from being left for a while. When I used to make it in the standard way I'd always find it tasted even better if I had leftovers the next day.

Ivy - Yes, it makes me want to go and make another batch of garam masala. In fact, I need to because this curry used the last of our previous lot.


I LOVE curry so much but you just made me realize i don't eat them very often either. Where are the good curries in this town?? Oh actually there's some good Thai curries on the corner of baxter and bayard in Chinatown but for Indian curries, i don't know. Jack, your garam masala recipe sounds great. Gotta try it!


You made your own garam masala? I am impressed! Curry looks lovely actually. Has it spurred you on to eat and cook it more I wonder...


I can smell this wonderful curry from my home. Thanks for sharing.


The curry looks wonderful - there's nothing like a hot curry on a cold night.

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