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August 21, 2008



I'm sure this was a tough decision for you both. I feel annoyed about visa issues on your behalf. I don't know what else to say - it just sucks all around. Ann - I hope you'll be planning a big trip. England/Italy - 2008.


Thanks for sharing this, you guys. I feel like you're part of my online family, and it breaks my heart to hear these changes coming, and so quickly at that! It's empty nest syndrome on hyperdrive. But you guys are tough and resourceful, I'm sure you'll patiently wait for the day when the ultimate plan comes to fruition.

Besides, when I do visit the east coast, Ann will have no one to focus her attention on but ME! Ha ha ha ha. And as for London? I'll save up my paychecks, mate :) (Always the selfish one, I am...) :P


(By the way, I hadn't seen the bottom two pics before. So romantic - cute, respectively!)


Well Ann...that made for wonderful reading. Thank you for opening the window for us. All the best for your transatlantic life ahead. Life is so full of difficult choices; just makes it easier if you have a soul-mate (& may I cheekily add, some blog friends who hang around).Cheers dear Ann...all the best to you, Jack & your wonderful 3 girls! (I am one of 3 sisters too)


Ohhhh no! Jack, the States will miss you terribly--you've made the US a better place! But here's to hearing about the romantic visits and all of the wonderful food from both sides.


Oh I was really sad to read this - I have had my own long distance romance and it is no fun - why do customs make it so hard to love someone? On the up side, I am sure there will be some wonderful trips ahead for both of you. Good luck with sharing your journeys and eating solo!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Ann and Jack, you have to believe that the universe brought you together and will find a way to keep you together. We are here for both of you.


oh me. what a bummer. i have no doubt it'll be a struggle, but i also have no doubt that everyone will get through it and be stronger for it. not to sound cliche, but hang in there! :)

Bellini Valli

Love conquers all as they say. This is a huge change for you all but think of all you'll have to share in this new (but temporary) faze:D


Looking forward to some good curry with you in London Jack, and loving sister time in Brooklyn with you Ann. Safe travels and love to you Jack. Love and adventure to beautiful Sophie and Nora. xo

Patricia Scarpin

Thank you for sharing such a huge thing with all of us. My heart goes out to you and I know you will make this work - there's love and that's what brings people closer. Ocean or no ocean.


That just sucks. You and Jack belong on the same side of the Atlantic -- whichever it is. I hope a resolution presents itself shortly.

(Wonderful pictures!)


Awww man, that really sucks. In a big way! Here's hoping that something good comes up to keep you both together. If not now, then soon!


Great to learn more about you!

Yes, it really sucks! I hope you'll both find a solution...




Even though those are probably the circumstances you would have chosen if you could, life does things like that sometimes and I'm sure you guys will make it work transatlantic. And then just think of the opportunities you will have to fly to Europe to see him!


I'm sorry. The US immigration system is not a happy one, to say the least.

I wish you both the best of luck.


I'm going to miss both of you like crazy.

I already am, and I haven't even been in Italy for 24 hours.

But don't worry, I won't let things get too quiet...afterall, that's what we have phones and computers for =)



Ann and Jack, I truly think you guys are wonderful for going through with this decision. A side of me is feeling really sad and I even have a little pinch in my heart for you guys but another side of me is feeling so fulfilled to see how strong two loves can be once united. You guys are a true example of life nowadays and how to make it work even when it seems to suck. Love you!
P.S: love the picture montage :)


Oh dear, I had forgotten that the transatlantic realtionship was a possibility hovering over you two. Jack had mentioned the looming spector when we skied with him last winter. Well, I imagine this blog will take a few twists and turns with the two of you on this latest passage of changes. We'll all be here for the ride. Thanks for letting us know. Buona fortuna!!!!


I feel sad. Good luck! And thanks for stopping by!


I wish you joyful moments that make the stretches easier to bear. I love you both and your story constantly renews my faith in the power of love. Peace.


Thanks for telling us. Best to you both, and I'm sure that soon you will be back in the same place.


Oh no! That sounds so difficult, and here I am sniffling and feeling sorry for myself because Isaac's gone to England for two weeks! Buh. Well, let me know if there's anything I can do to help out, I still owe you a drink, don't I?


Ann, Jack, I wish you all the best. I second what Lydia said. The universe drew you to one another and whatever you need to go through you will go through.

I was there myself, for a few years, seeing my husband very rarely, though that distance closed in 2002. It was very hard. But we're still here and happy and more in love than ever and I know you guys have the same.

Look forward to seeing where your journeys (and cooking!) lead you.


That sucks. Really sucks. But, oh, the conjugal visits!!

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