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August 21, 2008



good to "meet" you both, and hope you can be together really soon. good luck, jack and ann.


What a bummer! I'm sorry to hear this, hope it's not for too long.


Jeesh! Away for a month, and look what happens in other people's lives! So very sorry to hear about these changes. Separations are hard, but you have such history that you can reinvent yourselves yet again. Love the candid shots.


Wow, that's awful news. Thanks for sharing. You're lucky to have found each other. I'll be thinking of you guys!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook

How sad for the two of you! I tear up just reading it and looking at the photos.

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to both of you. From what I gathered about you from the blog, you'll make it work, it's just another chapter in the adventure...


Wow. I saw this in your sidebar and because I'm a sucker for getting a glimpse of the foodies I enjoy, had to read. I'm so sad for you. Seriously. I couldn't do it -- I know I couldn't. Although the internet certainly makes it easier, and that iChats and video help, it's not a hug, or a kiss. Sigh.

Susan from Food Blogga

With patience, love, commitment and humor, you will make it through. Sending warm wishes to you both. -Susan

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

oh, i am so glad that you had all that time together and this blog to commemorate those times and I am sorry that there will be some loneliness and longing. (I suggest that you each eat dozens of mini-pies to feed some of the goodbyes.)


Oh damn, sorry to hear about that... tough. Jack, you will be missed around here but something tells me you'll come back often to visit. Ann, keep cooking! :-) You have a great internet audience to satisfy. Best wishes to both of you and looking forward to the big reunion sometime in the future. Cheers!

izzy's mama

I have only visited your blog a few times but I am a hopeless romantic and I hope that you two are back on the same side of the ocean sooner than you anticipated. You look like such a happy couple.

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