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August 11, 2008


Susan from Food Blogga

Oh, how I love stuffed peppers, with just about any type of filling. And this one with corn and pinto beans is calling my name. Thanks for a new and delicious stuffing, Ann!


Gosh Anne, I would never have noticed that the top was burned by accident if you hadn't said so :D I LOVE when sweet peppers are roasted! Besides the risotto I really haven't had them classically rice-stuffed, I should really give this a shot!


brown rice, beans and feta stuffed in a pepper, what can we ask for more!! my problem when i do stuffed veggies like this my hubby often complaints it's too dry.. i will try to add some water as you :-) hmmm i need to buy brown rice!!

Giff from Constables Larder

I've always done this by cutting them in half but I like your presentation better of taking off the tops. Definitely switching to that approach. And interesting idea of adding some liquid directly to the pepper before stuffing, rather than to the mixture before you stuff. Thanks for the recipe. :)


so beautiful and wholesome!!!


Oh my do those look delicious! They don't look ugly at all to me. Glad you had fun at the concert! I think that outdoor music festivals are one of those things that are awful/awesome at the same time!


Ohh those yellow peppes look so pretty with that nutritive stuffing!


Love this post! Thanks for the recipe, too. Would it work with partially cooked peppers...just think it would speed up the process or would I lose out on flavor?

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

Your kids went to a rock concert with you? How cool is that??? The recipe is impressive too!


what a great dish! i, for one, don't mind ugly kidney beans.
oh, and i love me some radiohead, and i'm glad you got to enjoy their peaceful and serene music with your daughters. :)


Looks like it was a pretty great lineup for the All Points West show. The light show for Radiohead was great, wasn't it?


These look very wholesome and tasty. I'll have to keep this recipe in mind the next time I'm cooking for vegetarians. :)

Tom Aarons

Love these! So cute, and yet so delicious looking!


I actually made these tonight! I was home alone, and realized I pretty much had all the ingredients necessary (thanks to some fresh corn on the cob from the CSA). The peppers were really good! And it was super quick to prepare, since I already had rice in the fridge.
AND I remembered to cover them :-P
Yours look gorgeous, by the way.


Ooh, that's gorgeous! I'm envious of your CSA! I'll have to look into that more seriously next summer.


Mmm..that stuffed orange pepper looks dashing :)great way to spice up wild rice :)

noble pig

This is wonderful I did almost the same thing last night but I had a roll of goat cheese! Good isn't it?


The recipe sounds and looks wonderful! Cool mom for sure!


what a great recipe and a great way to recover from a rock concert - I admire your stamina!


I love it when everything can be found in the cupboard as well...and since stuffed peppers are a favourite I'll set to it:D


Pretty pretty pretty Ann. How I love it when things come & fall at your feet begging to be used & everything falls into place. Wonderful & delicious! My daughter's at a stage where she would rather I didnt exist so i know what you mean!How sweet your girls are...& I can just about see you nodding off!!! LOL...imagine waking up to stuffed peppers!! YUM!!

Tom Aarons

That all sounds like the perfect day. The right ingredients. Radiohead. Delicious food. Wow!


I love the way the Feta got humanized - when you made the promise - how did the feta respond? Likely by creating something delicious and outstanding. I also much prefer roasted peppers.

Kudos for hanging in there for the concert.

Gluten Free Recipes - Mike

I love stuffed peppers! We have just starting harvesting our peppers for the year, and I am getting ready for the yearly treat of a good stuffed pepper. Nice recipe, and I love the pine-nuts addition.

maybelles mom (feeding maybelle)

lovely and so so healthy.

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