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August 11, 2008



You are a very cool mom to go to Radiohead for the day. We're sending an award your way.


hahahaha! I had to laugh about the idea of your girls going to a rock concert with you -- it's the same with my son and the beach. As far as your aches and pains go, I hear you. Good for you that you kicked back the next day. I love your stuffed peppers. I grew up with them with ingredients quite different, however. The flavors in yours sound yummy. It's dinner time and I'm starving!


I love stuffed peppers! And the concert sounded fun, though yes, tiring. I must be getting old! Ack!

Lori Lynn

Those peppers look nice and comforting after any long day, especially an all-day rock concert!


i would have loved to see radiohead!! i'm also a sucker for peppers stuffed with anything, love this variation too.


Okay, I had to try this. I raided the farmer's market on the way home from work yesterday and couldn't resist the piles of multi-coloured peppers. I had no idea what to do with them (other than chopping them into salads and sauces), then lo and behold ... this recipe appeared!

I had to use chickpeas (garbanzo beans to you yanks, I believe) since they were all I had in the cupboard, and the pinenuts became raw almonds (toasted quickly).

Lawdy lawdy ... what a delicious and diabetic friendly dish this turned out to be. :)


Have to try this awesome stuffing. Looks both tasty and healthy.


Just so yummy. I just love when food and health are combined. Cheers for a fine recipe.

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