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August 03, 2008


Oakley Rhodes

Have you tried making sweet things? Zucchini adds really great moisture to brownies, quickbreads, and oh, man, you have got to try this recipe:

not sweet, not even really bread, but good god, so tasty.


Yum, yum, yum! This "thing" you make looks too good! And I agree, the name hardly does the final product justice.


Two pounds of zucchini?! Wait, that's a kilogram, so about 8 large ones, right? It's not too daunting until you get them each week. omg. You can hold a bake sale already. Jamie Oliver (here I go again) does this thing where he simply sautes them in olive oil and chili pepper.
But this Zucchini Thing does look good (well, it's cheesy, how can you go wrong?)! I'm particularly excited about the fact in can sub for garlic bread. Always trying to find a lower-calorie way ;)


Ah yes, the overabundance of squash. It's been a tasty few weeks for me, having just discovered this year how much I like it, but yeah, it can get excessive.


These look very tasty! I have seen this sort of thing called zucchini boats if you want a less boring name!

I never have such a problem of a zucchini surplus but I do enjoy grilling (or broiling, I think you say) zucchini in half inch lengthway slices brushed with a little olive oil - perfect for pizza, pasta, salads or just as a side dish!


Oh, this looks really nice. Definitely a nice garlic bread substitute.


I love zucchini too - my mum in law grows them in her garden and we are getting our mega supplies from her - we've been trying every zucchini recipe in the world LOL! This one is next!


I LOVE that thing you do Ann. seriously, sometimes I am at my wits end trying to get additional greens & veggies into the kids diet. This looks like a great way out!! BTW, thanks for the HOT tip for the non-ac hot kitchens! YAY!!


simple and delicious. makes me wish i had a couple pounds of zucchini to attack with my teeth. :)


I like to chop them up and stuff them into other zucchini. It's tasty, and a little brutal ;-) My step-sister also introduced me to the beauty of squash tacos. They're utterly delicious and use up quite a bit of squash. I can't find an exact recipe, but I could probably get it from her if you're desperate!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

When I first bought a mandoline, I had fun slicing everything I could, every which way. I tried slicing the zucchini lengthwise, and then doing exactly that thing you do -- salt, pepper, parmesan -- and baking them. I never came up with a name for it, either, but they taste like long, thin potato chips. Really delicious.


Great way to utilize that zucchini! I haven't splurged for the CSA thing quite yet. I have too much fun browsing our year-round Farmer's Markets!

Patricia Scarpin

I wish I lived nearby, Ann! I would be of such help with these beauties, you bet! :)

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

2 pounds every week? Oh geez, it's a good thing you're still in the thick of the war. . .I would have given up the second week! ;)


Cheese on Zucchini? Looks very, very good.
I'm happy to see one more way to get my daughter to eat this vegetable.:)


my easy zucchini thing is to roast them with just a little sea salt and no oil until they're a bit carmelized -- it's tasty and definitely guilt-free but yours looks way better!


OMG This looks like manna from the heavens to me! I love zucchinis so much. YUM. Simple and perfect!


Crispy browned bubbly cheese seems like a good way to treat your zucchinis, but two pounds of zucchini a week?! That is a lot. I was getting quite a lot from my garden earlier in the season, maybe that much, but I was forcing them on my co-workers. Perhaps mercifully most of my zucchini vines have succumbed to squash vine borer and I'm now mostly reduced to buying them.

Anyway, looks like you've found a nice solution for your zucchinis. I'll have to try it.


Send 1 pound my way... :) just kidding, but this recipe looks crunchy and healthy, superb!


Oh Lord, I have to remember to make these. Then they can be "that thing I do." lol!


That actually sounds better than garlic bread! Our fall back is to cut/shave them into strips, saute them with dried red pepper flakes, salt, pepper and olive oil - then toss with parmesan. But I like this better!

Susan from Food Blogga

Yeah, I guess "Cheesy Zucchini Halves" isn't too appetizing, huh? ;)

Easy dinner recipes

Looks fine!I will make it as soon as possible.


I'm just starting to get zucchini out of the garden - and what a great and easy way to use it up!

clumbsy cookie

I'm also one that likes zucchini, I think I could eat it everyday, beacuse it's so versatile. I've had it in so many ways, but never in the microwave! Thanks for the tip, I'll try it for sure!

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