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August 03, 2008



Put a few slices of pastrami in the middle and we've got a sandwich! Yum! :-)
By the way, now you know what it feels to receive too much vegetables. haha.


With so much zucchini in abundance right now, I may be trying this "thing you do" soon! Sounds delicious!


That looks delicious. I love zucchini, but even I welcome new ways to prepare it. Thanks for the idea.

Indian Recipes

Looks absolutely yummy. Will try it out. Thank you for it.


Lifesaver! Seriously the zucchini in the garden just keep coming! I tried pickling them too, which was great, but only really works with the little ones. I needed a way to use up those big starchy monsters. My mom used to make zuchini boats stuffed with hamburger and cheese, but we'd always just eat the filling and leave the rest because it was kind of watery and mushy. Thanks, I was looking for an easy way to use up those dang zucchini!

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