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September 24, 2008



We miss you too!

But that little snippet of a conversation made up for the long absence-- what a hilarious thing to overhear!


I hope I've made it very obvious that I miss you! :) But of course, work is very important, and I hope all goes well with it! You know, I could use a little healthy in my diet right now, hahaha! :) (I'm eyeing a recipe for vegetable curry right now...)


Somehow I feel a cupcake cartoon inspired by this conversation coming on...


That is one really wise daddy!
You have been missed. This was a fun way to put your toe back in. Don't be gone too much now.


The good news is you have a hefty project that's keeping you very busy. The bad news is that you have a heft project that's keeping you busy. Cooking for one isn't always exciting but convincing yourself that you're really testing recipes for the future makes it somewhat more palitable.


Even if it is just a one-pet medley, I still want to see it cause I miss you!

Hope you and Jack are both doing alright. Warm thoughts to you both~

Bellini Valli

I am by myself and find that blogging forces me to make something creative for dinner....I just make half and always have leftovers. Of course work gets in the way of my blogging time:D

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

We've missed you, Ann.


ha! atta way, dad! :)
meanwhile, we miss you too. hang in there!


As giz said, the hefty project is both good and bad news, not only with respect to the blog, but also with respect to having time to fret over not being with your lover and loved one. An occasional blog entry keeps the worriers (like your mother and I)at bay.


I guessed that life might be a little rough right now, and I didn't want to pry.

But I have missed your posts.

Glad to hear you're busy but okay. :)

Marla Gulley

Have missed you too..all the previous comments pretty much cover it for me too. I do like the humorous ending..


Of course you're missed Ann...& loads. My heart gave a leap of joy to see some activity on your blog. Thanks for the little anecdote...he he!! Reminds me of my kids; they're always at it only now both can spell!!!


i was really wondering what's up. thanks for letting us know everything is fine. of course you are missed :-) cant wait to see you back in the kitchen again


Great to hear from you again. I've missed your posts. Love the eavesdropping tale. Wish I were so witty with my kids.


Yes, and I've been bad too. After promising to get the next "Bad Teeth" episode out with far less of a delay than preceded the last one, I find I've been even more tardy. And my recent culinary escapades have been less-than-exciting because of this wretched life change, which has led to many evenings of familiar-but-boring dishes, thrown-together salads of strange composition and ... fish and chips.


I seem to have settled into something close to a routine. I have a few post ideas in mind which will reflect my new existence - not necessarily in a favourable way. I am going to try to get a couple of these up in the next few days. If I don't, send me email threats.


Jack-- Oh no, it's "Lousy Food-- The Return!!!" Kidding ;) Really looking forward to yours and Ann's collective posts :)

Lori Lynn @ Taste With The Eyes

That banter was cute.
Glad you are Ok and eating healthy.
Looking forward to more of your cooking, I'll check back often. Be well.


sounds like your meals are bringing you comfort and nourishment which is the main thing - especially as you both go through change and upheaval - will look forward to hearing more about your cooking soon


It seems I'm not the only "Marla" so I have to add a qualifier -- just a hello and a hope that you are doing okay. You're on my mind. Be well.


So glad to hear you're doing alright! I'd say take care of yourself, but it seems like you already are.


That's cute.:D
Nice to see you back.


Great to see you back ...

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It's great to have you back in the mix!

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