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I have a 20 year old, had an 8-track player when I was a kid, loved "The Guess Who" and "Genesis" but am too young to remember Woodstock? Does that get me into the club?



It was great to see you in Wimbledon. Always good to share a beer and talk crap about nothing (something at which we both excel). Loved the curry but can't say it felt the same about me the next morning (old skool all the way!).

Hope to see you in NYC or maybe here again soon............T

Meg Wolff

Ann & Jack,
Loved reading about you two and beautiful view from the top of your appartment building!

What a lovely "About us" page!

Perhaps the best I have ever read -- witty, honest, open, friendly, and personal. Beautiful!



I love the things you have written here, hope you come back and update your blog soon! Id love to hear more from both of you. If you have time, visit us at foodista

FlorencePS, Greenville, SC

OMGoodness! Just happened upon your site when I put in a random Google search of "leftover turkey broth soup or stoup" expecting to find something from Rachel Ray. Instead I find this absolutely marvelous website with more than I had bargained for. I'm going to make the Turkey Chilaquiles--they sound yummy.

But I also want to comment on your charming bios. Like you, Ann, my hubby is from New York (the Bronx then Queens to be exact) when I met him in '84. I loved living up there with him and found the whole NY scene to be exciting and, of course, the falling in love part made it all the more magical. Anything felt possible. We are now in South Carolina as of last year, which I love for all the opposite reasons why I loved NY when I was younger, because it's more relaxed, less traffic, housing is affordable, but I still sometimes miss that buzz of the NYC life not to mention the ability to get food delivered 24 hours a day! Reading your bios just brought that all back to me. Thank you and Jack. I'll be back to read more and get more recipes, I'm sure (I've added you to my favorites). Take care.


I was doing a web search for your bitter orange cake (big big hit last night at a dinner party with Ron and Eileen) and came upon your site. Wonderful site--I didn't realize it was yours--I thought you were simply a contributor.

When are we getting together?



Hello Ann and Jack,

My name is Keegan Hurd with See's Candies. I happened upon your blog, and would like to discuss with you an opportunity that I see to work together. If this is something you think you'd enjoy doing, please feel free to contact me, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you in advance for your time.


p.s. I apologize for reaching out to you via your comment section, I couldn't find your contact info, but I count it worthwhile to have reached out to you. Please, feel free to delete this comment!


What is new with you two? I've missed your posts! :(

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